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Saahil Uppal: Only Way To Stop Transmission Is Getting Vaccinated

In his latest interview conversation off late, stressing on importance of getting vaccinated TV actor Saahil Uppal says only way to stop transmission is getting vaccinated.


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Ever since the deadly second wave of COVID 19 pandemic, many people are getting affected with it with loss of many lives. The dapper TV star also loved by his fans and audiences as Omkar in Pinjara Khubsurti Ka (Colors TV, 2020 – present), TV actor Saahil Uppal says only way to stop transmission is getting vaccinated.

Stressing on importance of getting vaccinated in order for defeating the COVID 19 pandemic, TV actor Saahil Uppal says only way to stop transmission is getting vaccinated.

Joining the section of people who believe there should be open vaccination for all and opening up on same in his recent interview chat, Saahil Uppal says only way to stop transmission is getting vaccinated.

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Saahil Uppal joins the section of people who believe there should be open vaccination for all. While the actor is not against how the government divided the drive phase, ensuring that frontline workers, who are most exposed to the virus, and the older generation, who are more vulnerable to the virus get their jabs first and on same, he said, “The only way to stop transmission is getting vaccinated and I think everyone has been equally vulnerable. A lot of elder people do not step out of the house but youngsters do for work. So it should have been an open vaccination for all since the very beginning”.

Saahil is yet to get vaccinated. Since he is in the bio bubble, shooting for his show Pinjara Khubsurti Ka, the actor does not want to step out of it right now and put everyone at risk. Once they have a bank ready, he will take some days off, take his first dose and have ample time to get back to the bubble. He plans to do the same for the second dose as well and explaining about same, he said, “The pandemic has changed the whole perspective that we have towards our life overnight. This adversity has brought a lot of changes and transformation in my life and I am sure it is the same in everyone’s life too. We have started taking care of our health cautiously and consciously, being there for our loved ones, taking care of everyone around us with kindness and a lot of things that will now sustain forever”.

The moment the pandemic hit us, our world came crashing down. Economy got affected, people are out of job. Saahil too has been worried and sharing about it, he says, “This phase is surely going to leave a deep impact even after recovery. Everything is shaken in the wake of the pandemic and it is very saddening, but we shall overcome someday. For now let’s just pray for each other, be kind and wise and wish there isn’t any more loss”.

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