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Saahil Uppal Expresses Solidarity Towards LGBTQIA+ Community

In his latest one on one conversational interview, the dapper and suave TV star Saahil Uppal expresses solidairity towards LGBTQIA+ community and much more.

In his latest interview, the dapper TV star also loved by his fans and audiences as Omkar in Pinjara Khubsurti Ka (Colors TV, 2020 – present), TV star Saahil Uppal expresses solidarity towards LGBTQIA+ community.

On the occasion of pride month celebrated internationally across the globe, Saahil Uppal expresses solidarity towards LGBTQIA+ community.

Opening up on how he came to know about the term LGBT whilst he was studying in college and more, Saahil Uppal expresses solidarity towards LGBTQIA+ community.

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Saahil Uppal learnt the full form of the term LGBT and got to know more about the pride movement when he was in college. Talking on the occasion of Pride month that is being celebrated across the globe, the Pinjara Khubsurti Ka actor feels it’s time that people from this community get the same kind of social standing like everyone else. He is happy that the situation is much better for them now than what it was a decade back and shedding more light on same, he said, “There has certainly been an evolution of thoughts which is why the scenario is far more different today. A lot of people do not shy away from coming out in the open about their sexuality. But it seems there is a long way to go before it reaches the stage of overall genuine acceptance” also mentioning about how he has friends with different sexual orientations.

While Article 377 has been decriminalized, same-sex marriage is still illegal in India. Reacting to it, Saahil adds, “Although our country is coming in support of LGBTQIA+ like never before but legalisation of same-sex marriage is still pending. I feel this is going to take some time. I have faith in our legal system. I also think that our government should do something about it because it is the personal choice of the people involved. They are like any of us and therefore deserve our love, respect and support”.

Giving out a message to the Pride community and his fans, the actor says, “Everyone is equal and is free to live their life on their own terms. So let’s not judge anyone and let’s be kind to each other”.

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