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Rohit Opens Up On Whom He Is Supporting In Nisha Karan Row

Renowned Indian fashion designer and Nisha Rawal's bestfriend Rohit Verma opens up on whom he is supporting in ongoing Nisha Karan row.

We all know about Nisha Rawal filing an FIR in Mumbai police against husband Karan Mehra who became a household and renowned face of Indian TV with his character of Naitik in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai citing of him doing domestic violence with her and also claimed him of having an extramarital affair with another girl post which he got arrested on 1st June and then later got bailed and now on one side their ugly feud is getting more uglier with each passing day and on other side, in recent interview Rohit opens up on whom he is supporting in Nisha Karan row.

Speaking about taking sides and much more in his latest conversational interview, the renowned Indian fashion designer Rohit opens up on whom he is supporting in Nisha Karan row.

In his new interview with a leading digital entertainment portal, Rohit opens up on whom he is supporting in Nisha Karan row.

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Indian fashion designer Rohit Verma who is Nisha Rawal’s closest friend reveals who is he supporting and standing with in these ongoing problems amidst the couple.

Sharing that he is always going to support his bestfriend Nisha Rawal as they both have literally grown up together with each other along with mentioning that he has seen her entire journey and whilst speaking about his bestfriend Nisha, Rohit asserts, “She is fine, she is going on. They (Nisha and Karan) both are very precious to me, but obviously, I’ll support my best friend because we have both grown up together and I have seen her journey”.

Further speaking about how he has really no relationship with Karan Mehra and so on, Rohit said, “I wish Karan all the best in life, but I have got no relationship with him. I am supporting my friend”.

When questioned if Nisha and Karan have plans of moving to court, revealing that he cannot share any further information on this topic and apologizing for the same, Rohit said, “I cannot give you any information, please accept my apology”.

Meanwhile, in a press conference held by Nisha Rawal in last week, fashion designer Rohit Verma was with the actress, in her support. He and renowned tarot card reader Munisha Khatwani were by Nisha’s side.

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