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Rini Das: We Still Look Down On The LGBTQ Community

Actor Rini Das who is best known for her performance in Alt Balaji's webseries Bebakee, says that we still look down on the LGBTQ community in India during her recent interview.

Actor Rini Das who has been seen in projects such as Bebakee, Yeh Hain Chahatein (Star Plus, 2020), Qayamat Ki Raat (Star Plus TV) and Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki (Colors TV) feels very strongly about people’s behaviour and acceptance (or probably the lack of these) towards the LGBTQ community. During a recent interview, Rini Das says we still look down on the LGBTQ community.

The stunning TV actress who has been seen in many unconventional and unique characters till now in TV serials and web series, Rini Das says we still look down on the LGBTQ community.

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The actor is part of a short film on the same, titled Love Knows No Gender. She says that the film, produced by Content Ka Keeda, a YouTube channel owned by Shipra Arora, focusses on this issue. The actor adds that she loved being a part of it.

Throwing more light on it, she said, “It was an amazing experience for me being a part of this awesome story. The moment I heard the storyline, I immediately connected with it and to my surprise, I was offered the same role which I had my eyes on! I’m glad that people are liking and appreciating the film. We have already won so many awards that means we have done something right. I’m sure more people are going to connect with the story and the characters”.

Furthermore, she also added, “I think love is just love, no matter what gender… why do we make a division between straight and gay. We all are equal and we have equal rights to love whoever we want. And this film totally justifies that”.

The film has been directed by Shivankar Arora and produced by Shipra Arora. Rini sharing her entire experience of working with the brother sister duo said, “Shivankar brings out the best in me. He knows exactly what he wants and the script wants, yet he gives the actors full freedom to portray the character in their way. At times we fight and argue but at the end, when I see the final product, I feel it was all worth it. Shipra and I are more like friends now. I got to know them while shooting with them. And now they are more like family. She always makes me feel so comfortable and gives me the constant assurance that I can do it. I think Shipra is really talented. Her stories are so simple yet so unique… you pick any story out of Content Ka Keeda and you will understand what I’m talking about”.

The actor admitting the fact that India needs to come a long way where accepting the LGBTQ community is concerned also asserted, “I know we as a society have come a long way but we are still not that open-minded as we claim to be. The LGBTQ community is still looked down upon, made fun of and whatnot. We give big lectures on gay love and lesbian love but if it happens in our family, we have a hard time accepting it… and then comes ‘log kya kahenge’. Our film Love Knows No Gender, shows you what to do when this happens in your family. How to accept it and how to not care about ‘log kya kahenge’ because at the end of the day, Love is just love”.

Talking about her character, she says, “I play the character Ankita, who is a very headstrong girl. She knows what she wants and she is not scared of society or anyone. She won’t hide her true feelings. She not only accepts who she is but feels proud to be a lesbian. At the same time, she is not going to force her lady love to be with her if she is not ready”.

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