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Ridiculed By Society For Singing, Sitara Wins Judges Hearts

Indian Idol 12 continues to win heart of audiences and fans, as it has found out another magical voice in form of Bihar based Sitara Parveen, who was ridiculed by society for singing, but won the judges hearts.

This is another exciting news update of the day as another Indian Idol 12 contestant has been successful enough in winning the judges hearts with her soulful voice which ended up creating a magical spell on judges Himesh, Neha and Vishal who were in awe of her performance. This latest update in the same is, ridiculed by society for singing, Sitara wins judges hearts.

The judges in the recent episode of Indian Idol 12 on Sony TV, saw real and undiscovered pure singing talent in form of a contestant coming all the way from Bihar, Sitara Parveen who sang the song Jiya Jiya Re from Jab Tak Hai Jaan (2012) movie. It was due to her mellifluous and ace singing that Himesh and Vishal were totally amazed and completely floored. But this is also real when we say that ridiculed by society for singing, Sitara wins judges hearts.

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Sitara then also ended up winning the golden ticket to the next round of auditions in the singing reality show Indian Idol 12 where the globally renowned singer Neha Kakkar also called her a “secret superstar”.

Whilst on the stage, contestant Sitara also totally opened up about her family background and life story. She spoke with the judges at length about how it was not considered a good thing if a girl learnt singing in her home town Bihar. She also told them about the fact that after hailing from Bihar where people’s minds are really narrow and old fashioned of the view that girls are not meant to ever be at par on equal level to boys.

She also told that some of her own family members who she expected would atleast support her to go forward for chasing her dreams didn’t stand beside her in the toughest and baddest times whenever she needed them to be there for her.

She also claimed that being from a Muslim family in Bihar, where one of her brother is a Maulvi, she and her entire family were always laughed at along with being made fun of in the society publically for singing. They even faced a lot of strong opposition from some family members because of the fact that her parents stood by her and went forward by encouraging her to take up singing as a career.

Sitara also spilled the beans about how women are looked down in her society if they ever try to make their own mark in any field. Furthermore, she also disclosed the fact that they even kept her visit to Indian Idol 12 audition rounds a secret as everyone would have opposed it. Sitara lauded and thanked her brother Haider from her heart genuinely for helping her learn music. She said that she also currently keeps her singing tuitions a secret and learns for limited time period in order to avoid shame on the family.

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