Reasons why Sunil Grover aka Guthi was the best part of Comedy Nights with Kapil

The particular image a Star creates due to their performance makes them the best among the rest. Here are the Reasons why Sunil Grover aka Guthi was the best part of Comedy Nights with Kapil.

Suni Grover The Popular name Relatable to comedy and Humour to make people’s day. Sunil Grover became actually famous and well known in the industry due to his fabulous portrayal as Guthi on the comedy show Comedy Nights with Kapil.

Sunil Grover is a Multitalented entertainer. He Is not just fab in creating Humour and making people laugh a lot but also is one the brilliant Actor. He doesn’t just make you laugh, he makes your heart dance with joy.

Here are some of the Reasons Suni Grover aka Guthi was the best part of Comedy Nights with Kapil:-

Sunil Grover is the funniest man alive on earth. If it weren’t for Sunil Grover, Kapil’s show would have never become as much popular as it is today. Sunil, with his hilarious characters, has played a big role in making Kapil Sharma Show a hit. He has the talent of making you go rolling on the floor laughing just with his expressions. His one crazy move will make you burst into laughter.

He has the natural gift of making others laugh. Sunil’s humor is very natural and spontaneous. While stand-up artists rely on their scripts, their punchlines to bring out the cheers and claps. He has that capability that he can take out any normal line and make it funny.No one else can get away by saying dialogues, puns, and jokes like he does. He doesn’t need a script to make people laugh, you just put him there in front of the crowd, and he’ll bring out the laughter somehow. With his wacky dressing sense, unique mannerisms, funky tone, and hilarious dance moves, he entertains us as no one else can.

He has given us some memorable characters like Not one, but many. Guthi, Dr. Mashoor Gulati, Rinku Bhabhi…the list is endless. And these characters are so different from each other and so relatable, that you forget the real man behind them.

The best thing about Sunil Grover is that his jokes are enjoyed by everyone. They are never aimed for adults, they have no double meaning, they are very plain and simple. Sunil Grover is the synonym of versatility. One of the big reasons why ‘Comedy Nights With Kapil’ became a hit was ‘Guthi’.