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Reasons we are excited about Little Things Season 3

Trailer of Little Things season 3 is out and it has us all excited for the series.

Little Things is a story of a cute simple couple Kavya(Mithila Palkar) and Dhruv(Dhruv Sehgal), who try finding happiness in small things happening in their day to day lives. This series became highly relatable to the couples nowadays and became a superhit by the time the first season ended. The first season of the show streamed on YouTube through Dice Media. The season became so popular that the second season of the show streamed Netflix. In this season the couple dealt with problems of not getting to spend time together.

The trailer of the third season of the series was released a few days back and we are truly excited for the season to start streaming from 09 November 2019. The following are the reasons for the excitement.

The third season is again streaming on Netflix and this season seems to be a true nail-biter.

According to what we heard, the couple Kavya and Dhruv will now be dealing with a new relationship problem which is long-distance relationships.

In the trailer, we got some glimpses of Dhruv getting along with someone else and Kavya also going through the same phase. But we really don’t like them in this status so we are really excited to see what actually happens to this couple.

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