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Reasons to watch MX Players Hello Mini Instantly

In this article, we are stating the major reasons you should start watching MX Players’ Hello Mini instantly.

MX Player has now been gaining great reputation as a digital platform and is coming up with many amazing series to be watched by all age groups.  The platform has produced series like ImMatures, Hey Prabhu, Arafat, Only For Singles, etc.

MX Player has recently released a new psychological thriller named ‘Hello Mini’. The series aired on the platform on 1st October, it is 15 episodes long and we are stating below the reasons for which you should watch the series soon. Here is the trailer of the series:

If you are a suspense lover than this series will definitely prove to be one of your favorites. This is the first time that a web series on any digital platform is completely based on the psychological thriller.

The plot of the story is inspired from a book named Stranger Trilogy by author Novoneel Chakraborty. The story revolves around a beautiful young girl named Rivanah nicknamed Mini who is stalked by a stranger and the problems she has to face.

The amazing star cast of this psychological series included Anuja Joshi as the lead Rivanah, supported by Gaurav Chopra, Priya Banerjee, and Mrinal Dutt.

We really suggest you to instantly start watching this sensual psychological thriller.

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