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Rashami Hits Back At Jasmin In Recent Episode Of BB14

In latest episode of Bigg Boss 14 during the weekend family week special, Vikas's close friend Rashami who had come in as Vikas's family to cheer him up, hits back at Jasmin in BB14 along with also slamming both Jasmin and Aly for bullying Vikas in the recent season continuously.

During the family week special, where every contestant’s family had come in to meet their kids after three long months, from Vikas’s family no one had come and so his closest friend, ace TV actress / Bigg Boss 13 fame Rashami Desai had come in as Vikas’s family in the show to meet him for some time. The episode witnessed a showdown between Rashami and Jasmin which resulted in Rashami hits back at Jasmin in recent episode of BB14.

In recent episode of Bigg Boss 14 hosted by Salman Khan on Colors TV during the family week special, fans and audiences saw how a verbal showdown and spat took place in between both Jasmin and Rashami which ultimately made Rashami hits back at Jasmin in recent episode of BB14.

The entire episode could be said as a potboiler of emotions where it started with Rashami slamming both Aly Goni and Jasmin Bhasin for continuously bullying and humiliating Vikas on the show and then Jasmin counter attacked saying that she removed her own personal grudges during the show in previous season Bigg Boss 13. Then Rashami hits back at Jasmin in recent episode of BB14.

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Rashami gave a befitting and scathing reply to Jasmin saying, “Bully Dikha, Bully Bola, Advice Tha Out Of Personal Experience”.

In the family week episode which continued yesterday as well, we saw Rubina Dilaik’s sister, Arshi Khan’s brother, Jasmin Bhasin’s parents, as well as Rashami Desai come inside the Bigg Boss house. Where Rashami had come in to support and care for her closest friend Vikas Gupta, wherein it was her mere presence which lifted Vikas’s mood and spirit. Rashami told him that the label and crown of mastermind has been given to him by Bigg Boss and not these housemates. She was also seen bashing and slamming both Aly and Jasmin for bullying Vikas in the show along with pointing out the fact that they brought their personal grudges inside the show.

Rashami’s comment and answer irked both Aly and Jasmin as it didn’t settle down well with them both and then Jasmin said that it was Rashami who continuously brought out personal grudges during her season in the controversial TV reality show. Both Aly and Jasmin didn’t agree of bullying Vikas in any way in the show.

Meanwhile, then Team Jasmin Bhasin also tweeted about the same thing on twitter wherein the tweet read, “@TheRashamiDesai’s definition of bullying is totally off the hook. If talking about personal agendas in the house is bullying then you have bullied the most. That’s all you did in your season, dragged personal grudges into the show”.

Source: Jasmin Bhasin Twitter. Her team posted this tweet yesterday.

After this tweet, Rashami gave a perfect comeback and reply to it and also tweeted about how their behaviour towards Vikas seemed like bullying and due to which she called them out for it. Her tweet response for the same read, “#TeamJasmin or @jasminbhasin seems like u want to create some “Tamasha?” So here i go for ONE LAST TIME.. “A lion doesn’t lose sleep over the opinion of sheep”. Advice tha out of personal experience, bully dikha bully bola.. Good Luck”.

Source: Rashami Desai Twitter. she posted this response as a perfect comeback answer to Jasmin’s tweet.
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