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Rashami Desai gets furious at Mahira Sharma and calls her out for not being loyal

Rashami Desai in the upcoming episode of Bigg Boss 13 is seen lashing out at Mahira Sharma for changing her loyalties as she is seen saving Vishal Aditya Singh over her.

After the first finale took place on Big Boss season 13, things in the house are no longer the same. With the new wild card contestants in the house, they too are trying to fit in the groups as they make an attempt to stay on the house at this crucial point. With the first half of Bigg Boss being completed, contestants in the house have changed not only their groups but also their strategies. And in the lastest preview, we can also see that loyalties have also gone for a toss.

In the episode that will be aired today, Bigg Boss asks all the housemates to name two people they would want to save from the upcoming vote out. And though everyone had their own opinion about who they wanted to save, Mahira Khan took everyone by surprise. Mahira names Paras Chhabra and wild card contestant Vishal Aditya Singh as who she wants to save from the upcoming vote out. And though she is yet to play the game with Paras’ group including  Rashami Desai and Devoleena Bhattacherjee, instead of naming them she opts for Vishal. 

But seems like Rashmi wasn’t too happy about it and is seen lashing out at Paras to know why she made such a drastic decision. She is seen questioning Mahira’s decision about choosing someone who just entered the house. Rashmi seems to be very unhappy that both Paras and Mahira didn’t take her name. And while Rashmi was never on Mahira’s priority list, Para is seen consoling her and telling her that she is strong and wouldn’t get evicted. 

Mahira in anger is also heard saying how she isn’t here to listen to people and how every time she cannot be held responsible for Rashami’s previous eviction. Rashami who is taken back by these drastic changes tells Devoleena that it is now time to play their own game.

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