Rakhi Sawant’s Tumor Surgery Was Successful, Ex-Husband Reveals

Rakhi Sawant recently had surgery to remove a 10 cm tumor from her uterus. Her ex-husband, Ritesh Singh, provided updates.

Rakhi Sawant, a popular entertainer known for her lively performances, recently confronted a major health issue. She disclosed the presence of a 10 cm tumor in her uterus and opted for surgery to have it removed. Providing updates on her health, her ex-husband, Ritesh Singh, shared a video of her heading into the operating theater along with an uplifting message of support.

Right before getting wheeled in for her surgery Rakhi shared a video and urged her fans to pray for her, in the video she said, “My friends, I miss going out. I am stuck in the hospital. I have my surgery tomorrow, I do not like this hospital dress. Please pray for me. I want to come back soon. Just pray that my surgery goes well tomorrow. And thank you Ritesh for speaking on my behalf.”

During the day of the surgery, Ritesh uploaded a video showing Rakhi being wheeled into the operating room. She wore a hospital gown and a scrub cap, seated in a wheelchair with a faint smile. Despite feeling nervous, Rakhi blew flying kisses to her fans before heading into the operation theater.

Later in the day, Rakhi shared an image of the sizable tumor that had been effectively removed from her abdomen, signifying a successful surgery. However, there have been no subsequent updates regarding her health condition after the surgery.

Previously there was doubt among the netizens after Rakhi’s ex Adil Durrani claimed that she was doing drama to avoid jail. However, the Hospital authorities confirmed to Times Now, late Friday night that Rakhi Sawant had been admitted and disclosed that she is scheduled for surgery on Saturday afternoon.

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