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Rakhi Sawant’s Husband To Enter Bigg Boss 14?

Is Rakhi Sawant's husband Ritesh planning to enter Bigg Boss 14 house and reveal his identity? Find out!

A lot of things were speculated when Rakhi Sawant confirmed her marriage more than a year ago. Even though Rakhi gave details about her husband Ritesh and also shared her pictures from marriage, most people believed that it was just a promotional stunt. Rakhi’s NRI husband Ritesh has never come in front of the media, nor has Rakhi introduced him to the public. People still don’t know what he looks like!

However, after keeping him away from the media glare for a long time, we might expect to see Rakhi’s husband soon. A media report claims that Riteish has said that he is ready to reveal himself in front of the camera. He also told that he is ready to go inside the Bigg Boss 14 house and also reveal his identity.

When asked that why did he kept his identity a secret for a long time, Ritesh said that he feared of getting trolled by the haters over the Deepak Kalal spoofs. If you remember, Rakhi and Deepak Kalal made headlines 2 years ago when they announced their alleged wedding. However, it all turned out to be fake. Speaking of same, Ritesh said that it was  Deepak Kalal who asked Rakhi for favor as he had a kidney problem. According to Ritesh, Deepak said he wanted to get famous before dying and that Rakhi helped him emotionally.  

Well, let’s see if he makes his grand entry in Bigg Boss house or not! 

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