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Rakhi Sawant Teases Her Driver, Says, “Girlfriend Se Milne Gaya Tha?”

Rakhi Sawant was recently spotted outside a gym where she teased her driver. Watch her funny conversation.

Rakhi Sawant is known for her humourous nature. This afternoon, she was spotted outside a gym in Mumbai where she happily posed for the paparazzi. As she reached her car, she was unable to find her driver. She immediately called him to ask about his where-abouts.

She was recorded saying, “Kidhar hai tu? Line maar raha hai kisi pe, kone me baith ke? Kiske saath baitha hai?”

After hanging up the phone, she said to paparazzi, “Batao, mera driver kone me baithe ke love-lapaatta kar raha hai. Dekho kaise bhaag ke aa rha hai, apni girlfriend ko chodh ke.”

As the driver arrived, she said, “Tu kahan chla gaya tha? Girlfriend se mil raha tha kya?”

Watch her video.

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