Rakhi Sawant Reveals Who Is Hubby Adil’s Girlfriend

Rakhi Sawant accused husband Adil Khan Durrani of having extra-marital affair. She has now also revealed the name of Adil's girlfriend.

Rakhi Sawant has finally revealed the name of husband Adil Khan’s girlfriend. Since the last few days, Rakhi has been making frequent appearances in media and has made some serious allegations against Adil. Rakhi who came out of Bigg Boss Marathi house recently, was shocked to see Adil Khan Durrani cheating on her. She came out in media and spoke about Adil Khan’s affair and even gave him a warning. However, during the prayer meet of her mother, she said that everything has been resolved between both and they are back together.

But things have taken a shocking turn again. On Monday morning, Rakhi was spotted outside her gym where she was asked about the status of relationship with Adil. She revealed that Adil tricked her into apologizing in front of the media. She said, “He asked me to apologize in front of media. He said that if I want him back, I have to apologize. But he didn’t come and he made me look like a fool in front of media and people. I was deeply hurt. He hasn’t come back to me. He is living with that girl. Shame on that girl! Mera hi sikka khota hai. Shame on you!”

She then went on to reveal the name of Adil Khan’s girlfriend. She said, “Her name is Tanu”.

“Shame on you Tanu! You stole my husband. For how many days will your relationship last? You took him from me na, you stole a husband from a wife. So take him.”

Revealing further details, Rakhi said that Tanu is from Indore. She has a flat in Imperial heights in Mumbai. She owns a BMW car. Rakhi revealed that Tanu is an IIT alumni and is now a businesswoman. “Tanu has been struggling in Bollywood since last 8 years and has appeared in small projects,” revealed Rakhi.

However, Raki didn’t reveal Tanu’s full name.

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