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BB14 Fame Rakhi Sawant Is Ready To Become A Mother

Best loved by fans and audiences as queen of entertainment post her stint in Bigg Boss 14, Rakhi Sawant opens up on her plans of becoming a mother and much more.

We all know how well renowned TV personality Rakhi Sawant made it big after her remarkable stint in Bigg Boss 14 and post that she has always been winning hearts of fans and audiences which is why she was crowned as queen of entertainment in the semi finale of the popular and controversial TV reality show and each day she lives up to this name. But in recent interview with a leading digital entertainment portal, opening up on many things, fans would be happy to know that BB14 fame Rakhi Sawant is ready to become a mother.

Her social media feed on instagram is really a treat for her fans and followers to watch and she is an active social media user and celeb who keeps in touch with her fans. Her feed is filled with yoga videos, dance videos, pictures and so on which keeps her fans entertained on social media. This is an amazing news update of the day that BB14 fame Rakhi Sawant is ready to become a mother.

In her latest interview, opening up on how she feels ready to embrace motherhood and more, BB14 fame Rakhi Sawant is ready to become a mother.

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The 42 years old diva starlet opening up on same, says, “Women face a lot of issues with their periods and fibroids, aur phir conceive karne mein badi takleef hoti hai. After a certain age, it is complicated to become a mother. And if one wants to work long term in Bollywood, you can decide to have kids in the future and freeze your eggs to make that possible. So it’s better if one freezes their eggs”.

Mentioning about how she feels ready to become a mother now and also is ready, Rakhi said, “Yes, I want to become a mother. Ab time ho gaya hai. Since I have my eggs frozen, I can also work. Agar mere husband aate hain to accha hai warna in future, koi to decision mujhe lena hi padega”.

Meanwhile, revelling in the glory and success of her latest music video Dream Mein Entry, she also made her appearance on sets of popular dance reality show Super Dancer Chapter 4 wherein yet again she won hearts of audiences and fans with a stellar performance in front of contestants.

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