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Rakhi Sawant Shares Opinion After Yuvika Chaudhary Uses A Casteist Slur

After Yuvika Chaudhary lands herself in trouble for using a casteist slur, Rakhi Sawant shares her opinion.

Actor Yuvika Chaudhary received heavy backlash for using a casteist slur in her latest YouTube video. In the video, Yuvika Chaudhary is seen talking about her appearance in her conversation with Prince Narula. She said, “Why do I always dress like a bhangi when I am shooting vlogs?”

The term ‘Bhangi’ was coined by upper castes in the 19th century to denote members of a Dalit caste employed in sanitation and manual scavenging.

People took offence after seeing Yuvika and Prince Narula’s vlog and #ArrestYuvikaChaudhary started trending on Twitter.

The duo then offered a video apology on their social media handles.

When Rakhi Sawant was asked to comment on the same, she said, “I feel bad seeing this. God has made us all equal. Nobody is upper or lower caste. I don’t believe in caste system. When the Sun gives equal sunshine to everyone, who are we to differentiate. I think Yuvika Chaudhary has made a mistake. If she apologizes, then it would be fine.”

When the reporters told that Yuvika has already apologized, Rakhi said, “If they have apologized, then people of this country should forgive her because she is a very good girl. She is not the one who can hurt someone.”

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