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Rakhi Sawant’s Lawyer Accuses Adil Durrani Of Having Relationship For Fame

Rakhi Sawant's fake marriage story gets a new turn. Read the deets inside!

Rakhi Sawant has always been in news for her publicity stunts and controversies. She has always given comic yet juicy details about her life and marriage. But lately, the actress has been left heartbroken since her beau Adil Durrani denied any matrimony with her. Bigg Boss star Rakhi Sawant has been making headlines that she married Adil Durrani, her long-term boyfriend.

She recently revealed that he married seven months ago and changed his name from Rakhi to Fatima. She provided all the evidence but Adil has denied marrying Rakhi. This has confused all her fans and supporters. Now Rakhi’s lawyer broke her silence and accused him (Adil) to cheat on the actress. He said this while talking to a leading media portal that Adil and Rakhi are legally married, she revealed Adil cheated on her at the time she was at Bigg Boss’s house.

The lawyer said, “Jitna mujhe Rakhi se pata hai ki Rakhi jab Bigg Boss me thi tab Adil ne unke peeche se kuch aisi harkate ki, cheating ki, aur kuch unke conversation hui jiski vajay se Rakhi ko laga ki yeh sahi time hai ki main reveal karu,” which translates to, ‘As far as I know, Adil cheated on Rakhi when she was inside Bigg Boss house. After which they had a conversation as Rakhi felt this is the right time to reveal that they are married.’

He hurt her and Rakhi is devastated and further mentioned, “He wasn’t sure, but he thought about it Rakhi wanted to be in the spotlight. Though I didn’t know who Adil was Rakhi was already famous.” He added, “Adil ko pehchaan dilwaane waali rakhi hai ab Unko lagta hai ki bina rakhi ke vo uss par aagiye ki vo bina rakhi ke bhi Get up Karenge, so I don’t know what you’re thinking. (Adil became famous because of rakhi. If Adil thinks he can get up without rakhi now, I don’t know what to think).”

The lawyer further revealed, “You mentioned that legal action will be taken if he continues to refuse to marry Rakhi as he did wrong and we have all the evidence. He used Rakhi to get fame, he didn’t want to accept it, so he shouldn’t have married her.”

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