Rakhi Sawant Hospitalized Due To ‘Serious Heart Problem’

Rakhi Sawant was swiftly hospitalized on Tuesday night due to a sudden deterioration in her condition. Pictures of her from hospital are now going viral.

Rakhi Sawant, renowned as the Drama Queen of Bollywood, commands attention on social media, seizing every opportunity to shine. However, she recently made headlines for a different reason as she was rushed to the hospital due to a sudden deterioration in her health. Reports suggest that the actress is battling a severe heart condition, with images of her unconscious on a hospital bed circulating on social media.

Pictures of Rakhi are going viral through which it’s evident that she is either unconscious or in a deep sleep. The photographs show a nurse checking her blood pressure, with a large ECG machine visible in the background. According to doctors, she is currently facing a severe heart issue, although comprehensive details regarding the actress’s condition have not been disclosed yet.

Rakhi Sawant has a history of hospital admissions. Previously, she disclosed undergoing a four-hour operation to remove a lump in her stomach located just above the uterus. This condition caused significant discomfort and pain for Rakhi Sawant.

It’s worth noting that Rakhi Sawant has returned to Mumbai after an extended stay in Dubai, where she was primarily occupied with her work. She often creates content for TikTok while in Dubai. However, Rakhi Sawant is renowned for her tendency to spark controversy with her statements. Recently, her divorce proceedings with Adil Durrani made headlines, and now, despite the issue remaining unresolved, she has been seen spending time with her ex-husband Ritesh in Mumbai.

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