Rakhi Sawant CONFIRMS She Has Tumor In Uterus, To Undergo Surgery

In a recent interview Rakhi Sawant finally came out and confirmed that she has tumor in her uterus and will undergo surgery soon.

Rakhi Sawant has finally revealed and confirmed that she has a tumor in her uterus. Recently, photos of the actress in a Mumbai hospital went viral on social media, surprising many. Despite her ex-husband, Adil Khan Durrani claiming that her hospitalization is a “drama” to evade legal proceedings related to the leaked video case, the Bigg Boss star has announced that she will undergo surgery soon.

Rakhi told Etimes, “I will be fine very soon, I am facing health issues. I’ve a 10 cm tumour and will be undergoing surgery on Saturday. I am not able to talk much about my health, but Ritesh will keep you all updated about my condition. He will inform everyone about the hospital also. I will show the tumour, once the surgery is done. I had to be admitted because, before the surgery, things needed to be brought under control like blood pressure and all. I don’t know the exact details as I am not a doctor, I’m an actor,”

Rakhi also expressed her complete trust in the doctors and shared her optimism about a quick recovery. Describing herself as a “fighter,” the actress assured everyone that she would be back soon to entertain her audience.

Rakhi added, “I am a fighter and I’ll come back, nothing will happen to me. Chota sa tumor hi toh hai nikal jaayega. I’ll come back and dance and sing. I’ll entertain people again. I had no idea that there was a tumour, I was dancing in the towel and when I returned home I fainted. Ritesh ji rushed me to the hospital. After all the reports it was found I have a tumor. But I know I’ll be back to entertain everyone”.

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