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Rakhi Sawant Accuses The Makers Of ‘Bigg Boss’ Of Using Her; Says ‘I’m Not A Tissue Paper’

Post her eviction from the show yesterday, Rakhi can be seen expressing her disappointment for not being able to reach the finale.

Rakhi Sawant, the self-crowned entertainment queen of India, somehow failed to entertain the audience in the popular television reality show “Bigg Boss 15”. As always, when the show started hitting the lows, with TRP stooping down every week, the creatives of the show decided to put several contestants inside the show as wild card entrants to rev up the otherwise dull season. While the move was indeed successful as it did improve the viewers’ rating to some extent, Rakhi Sawant wasn’t able to deliver her magic in this season, even after she tried everything in from her book. Be it her infamous marriage act with husband Riteish Singh or her hopeless effort in horrifying everyone by transforming into Julie, one thing for sure, the entertainment queen did everything to maintain the entertainment quotient of the show, but instead ended up creating unnecessary drama, as a result of which quite ironically, Rakhi’s no longer the part of the show.

When “Bigg Boss” on Wednesday arranged for a task, where the viewers were allowed to enter the show and vote for their favorite contestants live, Rakhi apparently received the lowest ranking hence got eliminated from the show for not providing the audience with the entertainment that she perhaps promised. Ever since she got evicted, Rakhi can be seen attending several interviews, sharing her BB experience, or rather expressing her disappointment.

In a video, Rakhi can be seen saying how the makers of the show always ‘use’ her, call her when the show isn’t performing well, and evict her right before the final week. She further mentions her disappointment by saying how the show invites her to be a part of the show every year just to use her like a ‘tissue paper’, accusing them of only using her for entertainment. In the video, an upset rakhi can be spotted crying, mentioning how she rightfully deserved the trophy but got eliminated instead. As of now, Karan Kundra, Tejasswi Prakash, Nishant Bhat, Shamita Shetty, Pratik Sehajpal, and Rashami Desai are part of the show.

While we extend our deepened condolences to Rakhi for her untimely eviction, it’ll be worthwhile to watch who finally lifts the trophy this year, a fact that the ‘aawam’ chooses or the ‘makers’.

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