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Rakhi Opens Up On Her Mom’s Reaction After Mika Singh Controversy

In a recent new interview, the Bigg Boss 14 fame star and entertainment queen Rakhi Sawant opened up on her mom’s reaction after the Mika Singh controversy and much more.

This renowned TV personality has been crowned as the queen of entertainment by audiences and fans since they thoroughly enjoyed her shenanigans and antics which were enjoyable and funny providing them daily dose of entertainment and also spiced up the controversial and popular recently concluded season of Bigg Boss 14 and in her recent interview, Rakhi opens up on her mom’s reaction after Mika Singh controversy.

Rakhi Sawant has once again gained love from netizens and audiences along with garnering an ever growing fanbase for herself on social media. Apart from receiving unabashed love from her fans and followers each day, her social media on instagram is a visual treat for fans to watch as she keeps on entertaining them with her fitness videos, videos and selfies as well. In her latest interview with a leading digital entertainment portal, Rakhi opens up on her mom’s reaction after Mika Singh controversy.

Shedding more light on the infamous controversial kissing incident that took place almost 15 years back in year 2006, Rakhi opens up on her mom’s reaction after Mika Singh controversy.

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In this interview, finally opening up on the really infamous incident from her past wherein she particularly spoke about the 2006 kissing controversy with renowned bollywood playback singer Mika Singh, she mentioned about what was her mom’s reaction after the entire controversy and also sharing something really painful and heartwrenching which her mother had told her back then, Rakhi confessed that her mother had wished death for her.

Speaking about the entire incident and how it affected her mother the most, Rakhi said, “In our family, it was like Balika Vadhu. Running away from home and joining the film industry was my only option. Today, my father will be proud of me… Thank God I took this decision, because I have become what I am today. My family doesn’t accept me, till today. They don’t talk to my mom. My uncle, my entire family. They think that because I ran away, their daughters will also run away”.

Reacting on how her mother had felt angry and frustrated with her lifestyle after seeing Rakhi embroiled in several controversies back then, Rakhi shared, “There was a time when my mother told me, What is this, your controversies? I wish you died the moment you were born. This happened after my family turned on my mother, after my incident with Mika Singh”.

For the people who don’t know about the story and also are unaware, 15 years back in the year 2006, bollywood singer Mika Singh landed himself in trouble post he against her will kissed Rakhi Sawant and this incident happened during Mika Singh’s birthday bash. Later, Rakhi had also filed a case of molestation against the singer.

During this particular interview, the actress also told had a message for everyone wherein she added and clarified, “People always tell me I’m an attention seeker. Guys, I am not an attention seeker. The media loves me”.

On the work front post Bigg Boss 14, the actress is revelling in the smashing super success and love on her recently released song Dream Mein Entry.

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