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Monday, May 17, 2021
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Rajan Shahi Knows The Pulse Of The Audience: Sudhanshu Pandey


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Anupamaa, produced by Rajan Shahi and his mother Deepa Shahi, is undoubtedly the number one show on Indian television today. The characters of the show are all extremely popular and well written. In fact, the male lead Vanraj Shah, played by Sudhanshu Pandey is one of the most powerful characters in the TV industry.

Currently, Vanraj is going through a difficult phase of his life as he is torn between his wife Anupamaa and girlfriend Kavya. Speaking of which Sudhanshu says, “In the current scenario, a strong character like Vanraj is also emotionally affected. Obviously, he is someone who would give his life for his family. Whether it is Anupamaa, their kids his parents or his sister he is a family man. He is emotionally affected and the first thing on his mind is to fix everything, Right now fix Anupamaa’s health. He wants everything back to normal with his family.”

Sudhanshu’s performance in the show is something the audience is glued to. Commenting on that he says, “My performance is an outcome of the brilliant writing that our writers have been doing and it’s my responsibility to be able to execute with equal perfection as it is written. I am trying to do my best as an actor, I am happy my performance coming out really well and people are loving it.”

Speaking about his new co-star in the show Apurva Agnihotri, Sudhanshu says, “I fondly call him Apu, he is one the most humble, kind-hearted and spiritual person just like me. He is a very dear friend and a beautiful soul and it’s always fantastic to work with somebody like him.”

Last but not the least Sudhanshu also speaks about the captain of the ship. He adds, “Rajan Shahi knows the pulse of the audience and I think that is why he is such a successful producer and constantly coming up with his innovative ideas. I think what he has done with Anupamaa is something that cannot be compared it’s absolutely unparalleled. I have seen very few people like Rajan, he hardly sleeps and he is always full of energy all day.  For him, we all are always charged up and energized on the set. Rajan is a friend, a brother for my life.”

Sudhanshu also shares an important message for his fans. He adds, “All should take care of themselves, please follow the hygiene and protocols that the government has given. people are suffering already let’s not add and contribute to that. Let’s all be together and face this pandemic and get out from this.”


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