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Rahul Vaidya Disha Parmar Wedding Plans!

Rahul Vaidya talks about his wedding plans.

The Bigg Boss show is a great game-changer not only in entertainment but also in the lives of the participants. And for the better. Rahul Vaidya, singer and one of the contestants who participated in Bigg Boss season 14 shares how Salman Khan’s reality show changed his relationship with his fiancé Disha Parmar after the show was aired.

Rahul Vaidya who was part of the the11th season of Rohit Shetty’s stunt reality show Khatron Ke Khiladi which was shot in Cape Town, South Africa, wrapped up the show and began being busy with a personal project. Yup, you guessed it right, his wedding with fiancé Disha Parmar. The couple created a soft ripple when they finally revealed their wedding plans on their social media handles to announce that they would be tying the nuptial knot in an intimate ceremony on 16th July.

According to Disha, she doesn’t believe in lavish wedding ceremonies, “My idea of an ideal wedding ceremony is an intimate affair. Marriage is a union of two people and their respective families with their dear ones in attendance. I have always wished for a simple ceremony and I am glad that’s exactly what we are going ahead with.”

Rahul and Disha have known each other since 2018 and were close friends, but it was only during his time in Bigg Boss 14 that Rahul realized his feelings for Disha and decided to propose. In a chat on a television program, the singer disclosed how Salman Khan’s reality show was instrumental in bringing him and Disha together. He said, “I am happy that Disha has gotten to see me so closely. When you are dating someone, she lives at her place and I live at mine and we meet just for a certain amount of time. But because of Bigg Boss, she saw me 24*7.”

Rahul and Disha connected on Instagram in mid-2018 and soon became friends. They shot for Rahul’s music video in November 2018. However, it was only when he was away from her while shooting for the reality show did he realize his love for her. The singer proposed to her on national television, which she accepted. They have been going strong since.

According to Rahul, Disha would watch Rahul on television every day along with the rest of the country. Explaining how the show changed his relationship with the actress, Rahul stated, “She saw how I react in certain scenarios. With a girlfriend, you are always in a goodie situation, but she has seen the worst of me in the house during Bigg Boss. I am happy that my worst is better than a lot of others.”

The singer added that because she had seen almost every side of him, how he reacts when happy, sad, or angry, inside the BB house, there won’t be any surprises after marriage.

Well, after this declaration by Rahul, it won’t be surprised if people in love push their loved ones to participate in the Bigg Boss reality show just so they know how their partners behave in adverse situations. As for Disha, she is happy Rahul passed her expectations with flying colors.

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