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Rahul Spills Beans About Also Enjoying Being A Youtube Vlogger

The suave and dapper TV star Rahul Sharma who recently wowed audiences and fans in Alt Balaji's Hello Jee, spills beans on also enjoying being Youtube Vlogger.

Apart from being an ace TV star who loves acting in front of the camera, in a recent interview Rahul spills beans about also enjoying being a Youtube vlogger.

Speaking about his love for vlogging, Rahul spills beans about also enjoying being a Youtube vlogger.

Having a keen interest and also vlogging since 2013, he never got time to start being a full fledged vlogger and now in latest chat interview, Rahul spills beans about also enjoying being a Youtube vlogger.

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Rahul Sharma is best known for his roles in the anthology series Teri Meri Love Stories, soap operas like Kaal Bhairav Rahasya, Ek Ghar Banaunga, Mitegi Laxman Rekha among others.

Apart from pursuing his passion in front of the camera, Rahul Sharma loves vlogging too. While he had the interest and has been vlogging since 2013, but lack of time given the hectic shooting schedules acted as a deterrent. The lockdown gave the actor opportunity to try it out aggressively. He started his own YouTube channel and has been enjoying this new stint wherein speaking about it, Rahul said, “I’m doing vlogging since 2013. On the sets, I shoot many BTS (Behind the Scenes) videos and thought I would upload them on my channel but didn’t have the time earlier. I also wanted to share my poems, do travel vlogging. I found my knack in making travel videos and realized I can do a lot more with that. So finally I decided to start my own channel and upload all these videos”.

The channel has been quite a hit among viewers. The actor’s fans love it and encourage him to be at it. Ask if he feels this direct communication with fans via YouTube is much required and he says, “It depends on person to person. YouTube is a different kind of medium altogether. When you put out your travel videos, poems etc you are baring your heart and thought process for everyone to understand. So it’s in a way both good and bad. I’m comfortable having a heart-to-heart interaction with my audience. It’s real. And they also end up being real with you”.

For the past three months Sharma has been travelling a lot. He went to his village ???? (name of the village and state). He also went to Mahabaleshwar or Maheshwar ????, Auli, then Dausa to Rishikesh and Joshimath to Auli and sharing details on it, he says, “There it was my first experience of snow and trekking. I also went to Tunganath, when one of the highest Shiva temples is located. In the past three months I went to three different Shiva temples. I went Chamoli Gopeshwar and then to Ujjain. When you visit these places, listen to the stories you lose yourself in a different world. I also visited Goa”.

Sharma is someone who is not just doing his thing but also loves to know what other YouTubers are doing and on this point, he said, “I am following my friends Mumbaikar Nikhil, Shanice Shrestha and Priyamvada Kant. Priyamvada has recently started her channel and she talks about different things under the sun. What I like about Mumbaikar Nikhil is that he is down to earth and kind. The way he interacts with people is moving. Shanice too is the same. It’s because of Shanice that I came to know about Nikhil. Shanice’s reviews about different products, make up and the tutorials are well executed. Everyone have their own charm. I also follow fitness channels, Sadhguru, Osho and other foreign or spiritual channels”.

Is it easier to draw attention and get subscribers when you are an actor? “I think it helps. But again as I had said YouTube has a different kind of audience. You have to be really good to get viewers interested no matter who you are”, he ends.

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