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Rahul Sharma: I Want To Be Challenged As An Actor

Best known for his acting chops in serials like Ek Ghar Banaunga and Kaal Bhairav Rahasya, TV star Rahul Sharma in his latest interview I want to be challenged as an actor.

Actor Rahul Sharma is most famous for his portrayal of innocent boy next door roles in daily soaps and he says he is willing to explore different and challenging roles. He is best known for his roles in the anthology series Teri Meri Love Stories, soap operas like Kaal Bhairav Rahasya, Ek Ghar Banaunga, Mitegi Laxman Rekha among others. In a recent interview, Rahul Sharma says I want to be challenged as an actor.

Speaking about the kind of characters he wants to play, Rahul Sharma says I want to be challenged as an actor.

Spilling beans about different genres he wants to explore, Rahul Sharma says I want to be challenged as an actor.

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Rahul says as an actor he wants to be challenged and is keen to do roles that have different facets in a character and on this point, he said, “As an actor I want to be challenged. I want to do roles that will have various shades from being lovey dovey, happy to intense, basically how a character changes as per the situation. I’ll find new ways to emote, express. I’m also interested in doing superheroes or villain kinds of roles, it’ll be different and exciting”.

He says his goal is to up his game as a performer and would like to discover performance-oriented roles. “Right now I’m being experimental with my characters. I’m trying to do different kinds of roles”, he adds.

For an established actor like Rahul, saying no to a particular project is difficult but he says the aim is to do roles that entertain the audience and not bore them by playing similar roles and explaining this, he says, “It’s very difficult decision for an actor to take and to say no to a project takes a lot of guts. For an actor who has done a lot of roles and has been working for the past 10 years you tend to become selective. And it is good to be selective because you can’t do similar kinds of roles, you want to explore different parts to entertain the audience”.

The actor says he works immensely hard in creating a character, he adds his own style and flavor to it, with guidance from director and writer.  Citing an example of ALT Balaji web series Hello Jee, Rahul says he learnt the lingo and accent of Indore and Ujjain, which he believed will add different essence to his character of Bhushan, a small town innocent boy.

For Rahul, who dives deep into the skin of a character, it is difficult to get in and get out of it. He prefers to take a short break before he jumps into another character. The actor has been garnering rave reviews for his performance in Hello Jee and here’s hoping he will continue to enthrall the audience with his work in the future as well.

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