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Priyank Slams Troll Who Claimed He Cheated On Ex-Gf Benafsha

Recently taking to his official instagram account and posting series of screenshots, TV actor Priyank Sharma slams troll who claimed he cheated on ex-gf Benafsha.

Former lit and hottest couple of tinsel town, ex flames Bigg Boss 11 (Colors TV, 2017 – 18), fame Priyank Sharma and Benafsha Soonawalla dated for two years after the season ended before officially breaking up with each other post which they both simultaneously also deleted their pictures together and also unfollowed each other which came in as a shock to everyone of their fans and followers who shipped them together as #Prinafsha. But now finally breaking his calm, Priyank slams troll who claimed he cheated on ex-gf Benafsha.

Then in February 2021, media reports came in that Priyank and Benafsha may have patched up and certainly might be together again as a couple as Priyank surprised her on Valentines Day by going to Indore to spend some quality time with her. Both Priyank and Benafsha are tight lipped about same but recently having enough of trolls on social media, Priyank slams troll who claimed he cheated on ex-gf Benafsha.

Breaking his silence on trolls trolling him, Priyank slams troll who claimed he cheated on ex-gf Benafsha.

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That one social media user who is the ex-couple’s fan, was incessantly trolling him and also blaming Priyank for the breakup wherein the social media user made a post on instagram stories, mentioning Priyank and also accused him of cheating on Benafsha.

The actor last seen in Alt Balaji’s webseries Puncch Beat (2019), took to his official instagram handle and also shared a few pictures of the troll’s account and also slammed her directly by reporting her for intentionally harassing him every day at the same time. The Bigg Boss 11 fame TV personality slammed the troll who claimed that he cheated on his ex-gf Benafsha.

Sharing the pictures in a post, Priyank captioned it as, “I love you TOO , so much you have no CLUE ,!,, Two years , some more than 2000 accounts , harassing/tagging me my friends and my family . Same time everyday following the same pattern . HOW MUCH ARE YOU GETTING PAID ? You can’t be a fan you OBSESSED FUCK you are a SHAME ! Don’t take my admirers down by calling yourself one . We need help . ITS HIGHEST TIME”.

Source: Priyank Sharma Instagram. Finally losing his patience, Priyank slammed troll who claimed he cheated on ex-gf Benafsha.

Priyank also clearly mentioned in his post that more than 2000 accounts have been harassing him and constantly tagging all his friends, family and him as well wherein he also stated that ‘its highest time’ and he needs help. Meanwhile it has also been speculated that both Priyank Benafsha are back together as some paps spotted him spending quality time with her in Indore where he even surprised her on Valentines Day as well.

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