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Priyal Mahajan: Journey Of My Character Purvi Has Been Good

In a recent exclusive conversational interview with us, Molkki fame rising new face of tinsel town, Priyal Mahajan gets candid about her journey as Purvi in the show and much more.

She has been winning hearts of fans and audiences as Purvi in TV czarina Ekta Kapoor’s hit show Molkki airing on Colors TV (2020 – present) and is slowly also growing her fanbase on social media. In her recent exclusive interview with us, TV actress Priyal Mahajan says journey of my character Purvi has been good.

Opening up more on the show and her character in this latest interview with us, TV actor Priyal Mahajan says journey of my character Purvi has been good.

In her recent candid conversational interview with us, TV actor Priyal Mahajan says journey of my character Purvi has been good.

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When asked about the challenges and pressure she faces due to fans expectations, on this Purvi said, “There is no such pressure as the unconditional love and support our fans give to us is amazing and I even hope that in future as well it stays same. But I always keep this in my mind of never disappointing anyone not even my fans both as Purvi and Priyal. Anyway, in future also whatever happens we all have to give our hundred percent which is what we’ve been doing right now and I don’t feel any pressure at all”.

Opening up on journey of her character Purvi in Molkki, she said, “The journey of my character Purvi has been really good. I seriously enjoy everyday playing this character because I’ve never played anything like that. I’ve never played a girl like Purvi. I’ve also learned a lot from this character and also explored a lot of things. My co-actors and co-stars and my team I get to learn a lot of things everyday from them. If I talk about right from start till now, then it’s been almost 7 months to Molkki and I have learned a lot of things like if I talk about technicality, camera and the way I’ve explored my character, emotions, scenes, so yes I’ve learnt lot of things. Day by day, when I do new scenes, I get to learn new things from those scenes. So I would say I’ve learnt a lot but not that much the way I wanted to but I will keep on learning”.

When asked about how much difficult it is to shoot in the new normal in the second wave of deadly COVID-19 pandemic, on this Priyal said, “So actually we all are adjusting to working in new normal now, however the production house and channel have taken all steps to ensure we all have clean, hygienic and safe working environment. Nowadays in this new normal, we are doing daily temperature checks, a mandatory COVID test within every week so that everyone’s report is to be known and we also practice sanitization along with social distancing. Obviously in midst of scenes, when two actors are performing you can’t practice social distancing, but then atleast with the unit we make sure to practice social distancing and downloading Aarogya Setu app among several other measures on the phone. While shooting we make sure to maintain social distance as much as possible. Now I carry my own makeup kit, always wear mask whenever we are not shooting since wearing gloves isn’t possible as then things become bit messy but the people of the unit always wear gloves and masks and even when we are not facing camera, we are wearing masks, sanitising our hands, we all are taking proper necessary precautions. Earlier we didn’t get scripts on phones but now so that we don’t touch anything, we also read script on our phones. We all have already adjusted ourselves to the new normal and I’ve almost made it my habit to sanitise frequently and wash my hands regularly along with maintaining social distancing when I am not on sets”.

When asked about how does she destress herself from stress of shooting long and gruelling hours in this new normal, on this Purvi said, “I try to do things that I love which makes me happy and gives me my meditation. My way to destress is either listening to music or talking to my loved ones, my family. I am really close to my mother and elder brother and whenever I feel low, I call my elder brother and mother”.

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