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Priyal Mahajan Gets Candid, Says Acting Has Always Been My Calling

In her new interview conversation with us, Molkki (Colors TV, 2020 - present) fame newbie TV actress Priyal Mahajan says acting has always been my calling and lots more.

Winning hearts for her strong performance as Purvi in TV czarina Ekta Kapoor’s Molkki (Colors TV, 2020 – present), which throws light on social issues and lots more, in her recent interview with us, newbie debutante TV actress Priyal Mahajan gets candid, says acting has always been my calling.

Speaking about her character and lots more, in her latest exclusive interview with us, Priyal Mahajan gets candid, says acting has always been my calling.

Also sharing her happiness about their onscreen reel jodi of #Purvir getting so much love on social media each day, Priyal Mahajan gets candid, says acting has always been my calling.

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When asked about her reaction on seeing so much fan love for #Purvir on social media, Priyal Mahajan said, “It has been immensely rewarding to see such a reaction from fans. And that makes me push myself everyday to do better”.

Speaking about how Molkki happened to her, Priyal says, “I think I always wanted to break the barrier and do something that would make it count. And Molkki offered me the chance to actually put myself ahead and play such a strong character”.

When asked about similarities between Priyal and Purvi in rea life, on this she shares, “Purvi’s character has been shown as a very determined, strong willed and family oriented person. And I believe all those traits also reflect the kind of person I am in real life”.

Speaking about her take on trains which have also started again in this new normal, Priyal asserted, “Travel has always been an essential part whether it is for work or personal reasons. So as long as everyone is doing their bit and taking precautions, this could be a good way to normalise things because now we have to learn to live with it and we can’t put our lives on halt”.

When asked about one thing that made her go ahead for Molkki, Priyal said, “Molkki is a character who is faced with lots of challenges and trials daily, but somehow she finds a way to come out of it stronger. And that was encouraging enough for me to step into her shoes and play her part”.

When asked on her take about is now the best era for content backed strong films and series, on this Priyal says, “I would totally agree with that statement. The entertainment industry and the audiences are changing with coming times and they both expect to deliver and receive quality content respectively. So the new age is seeing a drastic change and moving towards more sensible and strong content”.

Furthermore, she also speaking about her honest opinion on how now content backed films and roles are being offered to good and deserving actors irrespective of their medium being TV or digital says, “Yes, there has been a massive shift in the industry. And now you can actually see so many talented artists getting the screen space to play so many versatile characters. So it is not about any specific category now, if you are doing good, you will definitely get your fair share of appreciation”.

When asked about has she always been passionate about acting, on this Priyal concluded the interview by saying, “Yes, acting has always been my calling. And I love playing characters and roles that make me connect and reach out to a large audience”.

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