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Late Pratyusha Banerjee’s Boyfriend Rahul Raj Singh To File Criminal Case Against Vikas Gupta And Kamya Punjab

Late Pratyusha Banerjee's Boyfriend Rahul Raj Singh blame actors parents for her death, says “Her Parents’ Greed Killed Her.”

It’s been 5 years since we lost a talented actor and Balika Vadhu star Pratyusha Banerjee. However, her Boyfriend Rahul Raj Singh is still waiting to clear his name from the case as he was accused of abetment to suicide.

Recently, Vikas Gupta came out and shared that he was dating Pratyusha for a short span of time. However, Rahul deny his claims and said “Vikas Never dated Pratyusha.”

Now in an interview, Rahul said that he will be filing FIR against “Pratyusha’s so-called friends Vikas Gupta and Kamya Punjabi” as they tried to blame him for her death.

Rahul said, “The Covid pandemic has prolonged the case much longer than it should have. I am waiting for the day when the court will clear my name. I know I am not  guilty. I didn’t kill Pratyusha; her parents’ greed killed her. She was unable to satiate their endless demands. I tried to save her, not kill her.”

“I can never forget that day. It is embedded in my mind heart and soul. And the way Pratyusha’s so-called friends Vikas Gupta and Kamya Punjabi tried to pin Pratyusha’s death on me; they have their conscience and God to answer to. They know as well as I do that I am not guilty. They also know why they did all the tamasha.”

“For the publicity they maligned me without a shred of evidence. That last phone call that Pratyusha made to me does not have any evidence to prove me guilty. Pratyusha does not accuse me even once in that conversation of anything. All her grief and anger were directed at her parents. They are the ones who should be held responsible. In fact when the honourable judge granted me bail it was on the basis of that last phone conversation between Pratyusha and me.”

“They have damaged my life and career beyond repair. No retaliatory action can give me back my five lost years. Since I was held responsible for Pratyusha’s death all my work  dried  up. All that I had achieved before Pratyusha’s death is forgotten. My life has come to a standstill. I will sue thse two for criminal defamation claiming Re1 as compensation.”

“Ek mare hue insaan ko  istemaal kar rahe hain. How low can he fall? Why has he suddenly woken up to a relationship with Pratyusha five years after her death? A relationship that he never had with her. She is not here to refute his claim. I would have known. She told me everything. Vikas should show some shame. Using a dead girl’s name for publicity is the lowest he can fall.”

“They are in Mumbai living in shabby quarters with no income. Their golden goose is no more. They can’t go back to their hometown Jamshedpur. Everyone there knows how they exploited their daughter.”

“I believe in the law of the land. The day I am declared innocent, I will start my criminal defamation proceedings against Vikas Gupta and Kamya Panjabi. I want them in jail for what they’ve done to me.”

For the unversed, Rahul was charged with abetment of suicide, assault and intimidation after girlfriend Pratyusha committed suicide on April 1, 2016. Rahul was on the run for a few days after he took Pratyusha to the Kokilaben Hospital, where she was declared dead. Pratyusha’s parents had alleged that Mumbai Police is going easy on Rahul. They even blame police of wrongly giving Rahul access to crime scene in their absence.

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