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Prateik For Pride Community Says Live For Yourself

In his recent candid conversation off late, stressing on the importance of loving each other regardless of exual orientations, Prateik for pride community says live for yourself.

It is the pride month being celebrated not just in our country India but also globally as well and in a recent interview, TV actor Prateik for pride community says live for yourself.

Opening up on importance of loving each other irregardless of sexual orientation and more, Prateik for pride community says live for yourself.

Revealing how much glad he is that Indian society has gotten evolved in past few years now where people openly talk about their sexuality, Prateik for pride community says live for yourself.

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Prateik Chaudhary got a better understanding of what the LGBTQAI+ community stands for during his mid-20s. The actor is glad that Indian society has evolved in the last few years and people are far more open about their sexuality now than they were before and speaking up on it, he said, “I feel that there is nothing to hide about one’s sexuality. It’s not a crime to be gay or lesbian. It’s perfectly normal like those who are straight. There’s nothing different. God has created us all, we all are special in our own way. So yes I am really happy that after so many years mindset of people is changing, many are coming out and are able to live their life without any fear”.

The Paramavtar Shri Krishna actor, admits having many friends from the industry who are open about their sexuality, adding that he is really proud of them.

Though Article 377 has been decriminalized in 2018, same-sex marriage is still illegal in India. Expressing his views, Prateik adds, “I don’t know why it is still illegal, and believe there must be some reason behind it. I have full faith in our judicial system. When two adults are mature enough to make their own decisions, they have the right to choose their partner and exchange vows. And it does not matter whether they are straight or those a part of the LGBT community”.

Giving his message to people belonging to the Pride community and fans, the actor says, “Don’t think much about what other people think about you. Even if you don’t do much, people will judge you anyway. It is better you do what you want to do, you feel like doing, because if you are not happy from within, then you can’t make others happy. Live for yourself, and your family and friends who love and trust you. Rest, I don’t think you should care about anyone else. Ek hi zindagi hai, khush raho”.

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