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Prashant Samtani Gets Candid About TV Celebs Pics He Shot Till Now

Indian TV industry's most ace and exemplary photographer Prashant Samtani gets candid about TV Celebs pics he shot till now.

He is Indian TV industry’s most versatile and ace photographer who has beautifully shot the biggest Indian television stars till date. During his recent interview, Photographer Prashant Samtani gets candid about TV celebs pics he shot till now.

During a recent chat interview, Indian TV Industry’s most talented and stellar photographer Prashant Samtani gets candid about TV celeb pics he shot till now.

Known for his excellent photography skills which has made him one of the most ace photographer today, our TV industry’s most versatile photographer Prashant Samtani gets candid about TV celebs pics he shot till now.

Well known and noted photographer Prashant Samtani gets candid about TV celebs pics he shot till now.

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When asked about his experience of clicking the hunk TV superstar Arjun Bijlani, he said, “Words fall less to describe his qualities. The busiest actor in the television industry and hard to find him free to shoot, however, have immense respect for him.  He gets rare off from his busy schedule and he gave us time to work with him informing us a few hours before and we got this natural sharp image. Would love to work with this talented actor always”.

When asked about how it was photographing Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (Star Plus, 2009 – present) fame stunning actress Shivangi Joshi, Prashant says, “The most comfortable actor I have worked with till date 🙂 We have shot at least 5 times together, however, the best part is that we never have planned any shot. It’s all random, unplanned and our combination has given all-time interesting clicks. This above click was too planned in a restaurant where we got good natural light and combining studio lights too we got a Powerful Sexy Pic of Her. While working with her, I felt that shooting shouldn’t stop”.

Furthermore explaining about his entire experience of shooting Mr World Model Rohit Khandelwal, he said, “Very Happy to shoot Asia’s first Mr World Rohit Khandelwal, Very easy guy to work with, professional, Understanding & Quick. This above shot was completely unplanned while doing his portfolio; we reached a water area and never planned as such to do a wet look. Water was not that clean, with a lot of stones on the ground to walk in however sudden plans with my vision and his complete acceptance to try gave us this indeed best shot of his portfolio”.

Speaking in length about his take on shooting Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hai (Star plus, 2009 – present), fame dapper actor Mohsin Khan, Prashant asserted, “Very easy & comfortable to shoot with him, Without any ego or attitude, he actually follows the way photographers want him to shoot. With his Charming Personality, cute face, Perfect smile and expression he added much more liveliness to get these accurate photographer’s shots. Definitely I will always love to work with him”.

He also shot the popular Bengali cinema actress and digital star Riya Sen and on this he stated, “Very Gorgeous and Sensuous Beauty to work with, When I see a personality; what matters is I want to give them a realistic image of themselves just adding a few enhancements with lighting and quality. Here when we completed all looks of her photoshoot,  we saw very good sunlight outdoors on the studio terrace as it was almost sunset and we got this best shot with her very natural look yet sensuous”.

Prashant also spoke about how Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat (Colors TV) fame hunk TV star Siddharth Nigam’s shoots have always been unplanned but best and elucidating on same, he said, “The Youngest & most Fit Actor to work with, Best Part to shoot with him is his way to carry himself, He is very easy, stylish, perfect in physique, sharp features, fair colour and green eyes. Have been working with him since the last 3 yrs approx, he has always been kind, very friendly, and achieved his best. The pic above was a very quick shot at my home Gallery”.

The YouTuber, bonafide dance choreographer and TV actress Mohena Kumari has also been muse for Prashant Samtani’s photoshoot and spilling the beans on the same, he says, “Most Joyful & Realistic girl to work with, We had a superb time to shoot together though we were shooting for the first time, Our shoot was wrapped and ended before this above pic was clicked, I just saw that green grass steps in a hotel and asked her to pose there just once for my perspective as it could be interesting. Guess what …we got the best image out of her overall photoshoot what we see over here. This is what photography is for me. Unplanned & Spontaneous things have always worked best”.

The hunk TV actor Rohan Mehra is another one of the stars that Prashant has shot and about the same he told, “Good looking and Talented Actor, been very friendly always to work with. When we shoot him we feel like a family member more to guide him or take suggestions from him while shooting. His looks have been earlier all in cute looks with a clean shave and colourful costume; however, this unplanned concept changed him giving his best shot till date showcasing his body with a beard too”.

The Baaghi 3 (2019) film actress Ankita Lokhande has also been one of the big Bollywood stars that Prashant has worked with and sharing his experience of shooting her, Prashant said, “Pretty Face & Very Beautiful, Very Talented actress to work with, Have enjoyed shooting with her, We got this pretty pic of her in a very small quick shot just one look and she was at super speed in her pose and expression. Her shot conveys, Expression, soul to pick, Realism, natural, with minimal editing”.

Nazar (Star Plus, 2018 – 2020) fame ace TV actor Harsh Rajput has also been shot by the ace photographer Prashant till about 5 times now and throwing emphasis on the same, he said, “Sharp Face Features – Green Eye Boy 🙂 We have done 5 shoots together till date, however, never felt like a photographer or model relation. He is a dear friend and very much comfortable to shoot with. His Eyes is like a photographer’s delight. One of the Most good-looking faces I have worked till date. Can say this above pic is one of the best portrait shots in my 10 years of Photography”.

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