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Prashant Bajaj: Mahadev Is Everything, I Do Shiva Abhishek Every Friday

In a recent interview off late, TV actor Prashant Bajaj who is a Shiva Bhakt says that Mahadev is everything, I do Shiva Abhishek every friday.

Known for his acting chops in Sab TV’s hit and clean family comedy sitcom Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah (TMKOC), in a recent interview, actor Prashant Bajaj says Mahadev is everything, I do Shiva Abhishek every friday.

Being an ardent and hard core lord Shiva devotee, TV actor Prashant Bajaj says Mahadev is everything, I do Shiva Abhishek every friday.

In his latest interview off late, the ardent Shiv Bhakt, actor Prashant Bajaj says Mahadev is everything, I do Shiva Abhishek every friday.

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For Prashant Bajaj spirituality is inner peace. The actor who is a devotee of Lord Shiva says that spirituality relaxes our mind and soul and transcends us to a different world altogether and explaining the same, he said, “I believe in the supreme power. And I also believe in astrology. I do everything as per my planets. I believe all the nine planets plays a vital role in our daily life, determines both our happiness and sadness. I call my Guru ji to whenever I am ill and he guides me, does some remedies, rather than going to a doctor. It might sound weird and funny but that is a fact”.

Bajaj shares having spiritual experiences and he shares what happened once he was offering puja at Kamakhya Temple, Guwahati at night and shedding light on this incident, he told, “It was very pitch dark only the fire we lighted for the hawan could be seen and there was a lion sitting next to me watching the havan kund for almost twenty minutes. I don’t know how but I got that fearless confidence to not be scared of the beast”. He also chants Shiva mantra daily without a doubt.

His follows his guru who resides at the Kamakhya Temple and sharing details about it, he said, “He guides me through everything. He is very soft-spoken, powerful and extremely spiritual. He tells me how we can attain powers by reciting mantras… But my everything is Mahadev. I chant his mantra every day do the Shiva linga abhishek every Friday”.

Bajaj’s spiritual mantra is that “to live a creative life we must lose our fear of being wrong”. His spirituality gives him inner peace and happiness and telling more about it, he signs off by saying, “Chant mantra, do Shiva linga abhishek and let the time decide what will happen to you. Accept everything with a smile. Nothing is yours, so don’t expect anything. Life will give you what you deserve, so don’t over think. Do meditation to understand your inner self better”.

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