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Pranitaa Opens Up On Post Partum Depression After Becoming Mom

Best known for performance in Ekta Kapoor's hit TV serial Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki on Colors TV, ace TV actress Pranitaa Pandit opens up about post partum depression that she experienced in the first month after birth of her daughter Anysha during a recent interview.

Best known for her role in Ekta Kapoor’s Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki (Colors TV, 2016) Pranitaa opens up on post partum depression after becoming mom.

During her recent interview, when asked about her experience of motherhood and other related things, Pranitaa opens up on post partum depression after becoming mom.

It is no secret that becoming a mother is the best gift that any woman can get. However, just as your little munchkin comes into your life, with her, come a million other responsibilities, which can get daunting. It was exactly this which proved to be a big challenge for actor Pranitaa Pandit. But in her latest interview, Pranitaa opens up on post partum depression after becoming mom.

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Elucidating on the entire experience of becoming a mother, Pranitaa said, “Motherhood is a feeling of pure love. I don’t think anyone can feel that sort of love without being a mom. You have to be a mom to know what selfless love means. It has changed me and my perspective towards life. The first month, I was miserable, I was going through a lot, postpartum depression was happening. My body had not recovered, I had gained weight. I was constantly feeding since I chose to exclusively breastfeed my daughter, it was extremely difficult, especially with the feeding bit. I was just going bonkers because we are bombarded with so much information these days because of social media and the net. Everyone has advice to give you. You are constantly chasing things but I kept telling myself I am the best mom, come what may and whatever I decide to do, it is the best way to do it. That’s what helped me”. As of now, Pranitaa’s baby girl is four months old.

Furthermore, even through all of the difficulties, the Kavach (Colors TV) actor against all odds kept reminding herself to enjoy this time with her daughter. throwing more light on same, she said, “Motherhood is a great challenge that every woman faces, how much ever help you have, eventually you will look into every minute detail and you will be there for your baby. During this time, I have totally been with her. Sometimes when she is sleeping in the other room, I am looking at her from my phone in the camera, so yes, I am a little paranoid like that! It was very tough initially, but things are perfect and are getting even better with time”.

She also added this bit, “Motherhood has not changed my life, it has changed me. That has resulted in a shift in everything in my life. It is the most beautiful feeling that I have ever felt. It is the epitome of love. The best thing about motherhood is that it is completely selfless. It is a pure form of love and being extremely loving and giving without anything in return. That is amazing!”.

Giving more details about her new experiences with her baby girl in the first month after birth, she says, “I remember the first month, I was so exhausted and tired that I was like, ‘Oh my god! what have I done?’ and ‘How will I do this?’ and ‘How will I manage?’ But I still kept doing everything that was right for my child, irrespective of all the crying and cribbing. But yes, I just want to advise you that they grow up fast so enjoy every minute because these days are not going to come back”.

Pranitaa says that she is one of the lucky new moms to have so much support around her and explaining more on same, she asserted, “I have a great support system. I am blessed like that. I am super grateful that I have people to help me out with my daughter. I am not completely managing it all by myself. I have help and my in-laws are there. Also, my husband has been a great help. I am super lucky to have him by my side during this time”.

The actor also told it’s strange to have given birth at such a time, during a pandemic and giving more insights, she quips, “It’s weird that I have had a life-changing event when the entire world is also going through a sort of different time which no one had seen or imagined. These few months have changed me as a human being and have changed my perception of life in a big way. I have suddenly started giving a lot of importance to time and am spending time with my family. I feel that it’s extremely important to enjoy every moment. We never thought that there would be a day when we cannot go to a restaurant and eat or go to Starbucks and sit with a friend and have coffee. We have seen that day today. So, it’s extremely important to live in the moment and never take what that moment has to offer for granted. Never take time for granted”.

However, these Covid times have made it tougher for Pranitaa’s close ones to enjoy her baby and throwing more emphasis on same, she said, “Of course, my friends want to see my baby. A  very few friends of mine have met my daughter, that too with masks on and social distancing maintained, that whole protocol being followed. They came home and we have met each other only in this way. Unfortunately, my family has not yet been able to visit me as the situation in Delhi is very bad and I have been advised not to travel to Delhi. I am dying to see my family literally but unfortunately, I have not been able to manage this bit”.

Finally towards the end of the interview, when asked that when can we expect to see her on the TV screens in a new show, Pranitaa signed off by saying, “As far as my career is concerned, I always wanted to work. I am used to working and I still want to but at the same time, I am letting things be. I am not rushing into anything. I am taking my own sweet time to make a decision for myself”.

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