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Praneet Bhatt Shares His Viewpoint For The Ongoing Track Of Mere Sai

“Gullible people will end up being influenced by all the glib talk only to realize that they have been taken for a ride.” says Praneet Bhatt who is the role of Madhusudan in Sony Entertainment Television’s highly admired show Mere Sai.

He aspires to be rich, and resorts to illegal work in that pursuit and the people of Shirdi get attracted to his affluent lifestyle, and Madhusudan makes the most of it by conning them.

Praneet Bhatt shares his viewpoint for the ongoing track and his character. He said, “I play a person who has sort of lost the way in his life. He keeps tricking all the people around him to make money through the wrong means and the people of Shirdi get attracted by his sweet talks. I feel that one should know the subtle differences between genuine praise and flattery. People who appear to be acerbic and cavalier may be good at heart.”

He then goes on saying, “People who are sagacious will not indulge in such gimmicks because they know exactly where they stand. But those who wish to camouflage their weaknesses will go the extra mile to project a social image that is far removed from what they really are.”

In the forthcoming track, Sai Baba changes Madhusudan’s life by showing him the right path in his life.

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