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Poll Result: How Greedy Neha Kakkar Is For Publicity?

We conducted a poll to know what the Public thinks about Neha Kakkar's recent actions to gain Publicity. Check out the results!

Neha Kakkar has been breaking the headlines every single day lately. It all started with her marriage rumors with Indian Idol 11 host Aditya Narayan. Nobody had thought that it would blow out of proportion with the announcement of the wedding date, and later Aditya’s parents too got involved in the drama.

But turns out, it was all a publicity stunt to boost the TRP of Indian Idol 11 and also the song ‘Goa Beach’ featuring so-called couple Neha Kakkar and Aditya Narayan.

So, we conducted a poll to know if people think that Neha Kakkar is too greedy to get publicity.  950 people participated, out of which 73% think that Neha has been acting greedy to gain publicity in recent times while just 27% think otherwise.

Well, Neha Kakkar’s drama doesn’t seem to end real-time soon. Now when all’s been said and done, Neha Kakkar’s ex-boyfriend Himansh Kohli has come out to speak his side of the story. Himansh, who separated with Neha after an ugly breakup, now made the big revelation and said, “Nobody wanted to know the real story and I was made out to be the villain. It was very upsetting because I wasn’t saying anything and people were drawing their own conclusions based on what she was putting out. She cried on TV shows and everyone believed that I was to blame. I wanted to cry, too, but then we tend to put up a brave front.”

Post this, Neha wrote an angry note on her Instagram slamming Himansh Kohli left, right and center. She wrote, “Log Jo Bhi Bura Bolte Hain Mere Baare Mein They’re nothing but FAKE AND JEALOUS and USING MY FAME to appear in News. Pehle bhi Use Kiya, Mere Peeche se bhi Use Kar Rahe Hain. Oye! Get Famous coz of Your Work, Not bcz of Me. Don’t Use My Name to get famous again. If I open My Mouth…………. I’ll bring here your Mother, Father and Sister’s deeds too.. What all they did and said to me. Don’t You Dare Use My Name and Don’t become Bechaara in front of the world, making me look like a villain, Warning You!!!!!  Stay Away from Me and My Name!!!!!!”

We wonder when all this drama will come to an end!

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