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Parvati Sehgal On Playing Komal Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya: I Never Play A Character I Don’t Vibe With

Parvati Sehgal confessed that though she is not picky about choosing a character, she prefers to go ahead with impactful characters.

Parvati Sehgal made her acting debut with Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya in 2009. She played a carefree and daring Komal in season one of the show, but when she reprised her character for season two, which is titled Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2, the audience saw a huge change in her reel avatar.

The young actress confessed that though she is not picky about choosing a character, she prefers to go ahead with impactful characters. She said, “I always pick and choose my roles carefully. I have never accepted to play a character I don’t vibe with. Therefore, to me the roles I’ve played are equally lovable and favorite and equally respectable.”

“My topmost criteria, when it comes to choosing a script is how meaty the role is. As in, how much I get to perform in the show, how many variations does my role allow me. Monotonous acting is not something I prefer,” she added.

Her character in season two started off as a widow, who is very homely and positive, but as the story continued, she falls head over heels in love with Aadarsh but her family does not agree to their association initially. Parvati said, “That’s when she started to turn grey only to justify the way she thinks.”

She also stressed that it’s easy for a TV actor to get typecast, but mentioned that it depends on the actor too. She said, “Producers and writers see your work and cast you. Say for example, if you perform a grey shade well and a comic role so so, you will eventually start getting offers for grey character only. An actor should be given to perform all kinds of roles to showcase their talent.”

Speaking more about TV actors, Parvati also asserted that unlike Bollywood actors they do not have many options to choose from. “TV is a medium which occupies 25 to 30 days of an actor in a show. Hence performing in multiple shows is difficult. Moreover, the shows that are made these days are mostly supernaturals or family dramas hence not much for an actor to choose from,” she said.

When asked about her opinion on the media focussing more on a celebrity’s relationship, she said, “Of course not, If an actor’s relationship status is out in the open it’s totally the actor’s choice to answer about their personal life.”

“For an actor, the best reward is praise for their work and that’s what an actor is hungry for. Media is doing their work of covering the personal life of an actor they are not to be blamed either. I feel it’s an actor who needs to strike a balance between real and reel,” Parvati concluded.

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