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Parth Gets Candid, Says Ladkiyaan Toh Mere Paas Bhi Nahi Aati Thi

In his latest interview with well renowned RJ Siddharth Kannan, opening up on his body transformation journey, Parth gets candid, says ladkiyaan toh mere paas nahi aati thi.

Dapper and ace TV star Parth Samthaan who has been ruling in hearts of fans and audiences from past 7 years now has given us many remarkable performances in serials like Manik Malhotra in MTV’s Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan, followed by his portrayal of Anurag Basu in TV producer Ekta Kapoor’s Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2 (2018 – 2020, Star Plus), and recently did impressed his fans with poerful performance in producer Ekta Kapoor’s Alt Balaji series Mai Hero Boll Raha Hoon. In his recent interview, Parth gets candid, says ladkiyaan toh mere paas nahi aati thi.

In his recent interview opening up on his body transformation journey from fat to fab, Parth gets candid says ladkiyaan to mere paas bhi nahi aati thi.

Sharing the story behind his childhood years being spent being fat and much more, Parth gets candid says ladkiyaan to mere paas bhi nahi aati thi.

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Opening up on how he has actually lived this entire journey right from childhood till now from being fat and 110 kgs to losing 32 kgs in 4 months along with becoming fab and hunk now, ace and dapper TV star currently seen in Alt Balaji’s series Mai Hero Boll Raha Hoon, Parth gets candid says ladkiyaan to mere paas bhi nahi aati thi.

We have often read about many celebrities going through a drastic transformation journey right from flab to suave, TV industry’s heartthrob hunk and dapper TV star Parth Samthaan also has lived this journey and in his recent interview conversation with popular host and RJ Siddharth Kannan, he opened up on how once he used to weigh 110 kgs during his childhood especially during his school days and hence many people often took him for granted and never considered him to be important back then. Now currently in the best professional phase of his life, he is enjoying a huge fanbase and also has a hot body along with killer looks and stunning physique as well and also shared about how he never even spoke to girls in his school back then since he was really shy as a kid.

He sharing the story on same, said, “I was 110 kgs. People used to take me for granted. Ladkiyaan toh mere aas-paas bhi nahi aati thi (Girls would not even come near me). It was completely opposite of what you see today. Uss dauraan main ladkiyon se baat bhi nahi karta tha, bohot shy bachcha tha (At that time, I did not talk to girls, I was a very shy kid)”.

Also opening up on how he was often kept in last few players due to his weight as he was always inclined towards sports, Parth continued, “Khel mein zyada interested tha but khel mein bhi (I was more interested in sports but) because I was fat, I was sidelined because ‘yeh hilega nahi zyada, yeh daudega nahi’ (they thought I would not be able to move or run). I was, in a way, left for the last”.

Sharing about how one comment literally triggered him towards losing his weight actually post which he lost 32 kgs weight in 4 months from his old weight of 110 kgs, Parth asserts, “I was like, no, now it is not stopping. So, I lost 32 kgs in four months. That was my biggest achievement since school”.

Later he also opened up on playing table tennis and lawn tennis at national and state level respectively.

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