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Paras Chhabra on his return in Bigg Boss EXPOSES Arhaan to Rashami & confronts Vishal on using Mahira

Paras Chhabra in the upcoming episode of Bigg Boss is seen returning back to the house without Sidharth Shukla. He on his return tells on Arhaan Khan’s comments on Rashami Desai’s financials and also confronts Vishal Aditya Singh about using Mahira to get back at his ex, Madhurima Tuli.

Bigg Boss 13 got even more interesting as Paras Chhabra is seen returning back to the main house without Sidharth Shukla in the upcoming episode of Bigg Boss 13. Surely with Paras Chhabra’s return to the main house, things will surely get more explosive. And in the recent promo fans should ‘expect the unexpected’ as Paras’ return Mahira Sharma runs towards him to hug him while even the rest of the house members are super elated to see him. But when Vishal Aditya Singh comes to hug him, Paras is seen stopping him and says, “Tu door reh bhai, Pata Nahi kab peeth mein churra ghop de you never know.”

Soon Paras makes everyone in the house sit in the living area and first confronts everyone about sidelining Shehnaaz Gill and Mahira when he was nit in the house. Paras then exposes  Arhaan Khan in the presence of Rashami Desai and reveals to her his comments on her financial condition. He also went on to inform her how Arhaan behind Rashmi’s back claims that he is the reason behind Rashami’s success. 

Soon Paras is seen taking on Vishal Aditya Singh and talks about him kissing and hugging Mahira Sharma in the presence of everyone. He also tells everyone that Vishal is only doing it to get back at his ex, Madhurima Tuli and Madhurima on hearing this is taken back. 

Is the upcoming episode Explosive enough? Surely! We can’t wait to see how things change for among the contestants.

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