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Pankit Thakker To Officially File Divorce From His Wife Prachi

A huge shocking news update of the day here is that another couple’s marriage crumbled wherein Pankit Thakker to officially file divorce from his wife Prachi Thakker.

The once golden couple of tinsel town, TV actor Pankit Thakker to officially file divorce from his wife Prachi.

After living separately from each other in the last two years till date, Pankit Thakker to officially file divorce from his wife Prachi.

It was only four years back in the year 2017, that both the husband wife had separated from each other and now in 2021, the final nail in the coffin is that Pankit Thakker to officially file divorce from his wife Prachi.

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Renowned TV actor Pankit Thakker who is currently seen in Amir and Sonali Jaffar’s hit soap opera Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha airing on Star Plus, had married his soon to be ex-wife Prachi Thakker almost 21 years back in September 2000 and now finally has filed for an official divorce.

This is true that he has been staying separated from his wife in the last five years till date but now in his recent interview with a leading digital entertainment portal, Pankit confessed that he wishes to attend the controversial TV reality show Bigg Boss in order to save his marriage along with his wife actress Prachi Thakker.

Opening up on his wish of going in the controversial reality show Bigg Boss, Pankit says, “After watching Rubina and Abhinav, who beautifully saved their marriage, after featuring in Salman Khan’s show, I also want to try giving the final chance to my marriage. I hope Prachi doesn’t mind doing the show”.

Talking about how he tried many marriage counsellors but none of them worked out, Pankit reveals, “We went to notable counselors around but it couldn’t help us out. We tried almost every possible way to save our marriage. But we found peace and happiness after living separately”.

Whilst announcing their divorce officially in his recent interview with a leading daily, confessing about how it is with their mutual consent, Pankit said, “I am waiting for the pandemic to end so that I can file for divorce. We have been living separately since 2015 and now both of us find ourselves at a better place and in a happy state in life. We still respect each other and things are very clear between us. We have mutually decided to stay responsible towards our son. And I am fine with him staying with his mother. I lost my mom when I was quite young and I understand how important a mom is in a kid’s life. We are filing our divorce with mutual consent”.

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