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Nukuul Mehta’s 11-Month-Old Son Was In ICU, Fought Covid

Jankee Parekh and Nakuul Mehta's son was hospitalized after his fever crossed 104.2.

Television actor Nakuul Mehta’s son recently won his battle against Covid-19. The 11-month-old Sufi tested positive after both his parents were tested positive for the virus. Nakuul’s wife Jankee Parekh has opened up about Sufi’s diagnosis and how he fought against Covid.

Jankee posted a series of pictures from ICU and wrote, “I somewhere always knew that a virus like Covid will get to most of us sooner or later, but what actually went down last week was something I did not foresee. While most of you may know that my husband tested positive 2 weeks ago, i also got the symptoms a couple days later. I thought not attending my sister’s wedding was the worse that covid could do to me, not realising that what I was about to experience in the coming week were to be the hardest days of my life, yet.”

Talking about her son Sufi, she said, “Sufi started developing fever a day after I tested positive & it refused to come down inspite of water sponges & medication. We rushed him in the middle of the night to the hospital when his fever crossed 104.2 & what followed were very hard days in the Covid ICU with my baby boy. My fighter went through it all. Right from being rushed to the hospital in an ambulance, to him getting pricked 3 IVS, a bunch of blood tests, RTPCR, bottles of saline, antibiotics & injections to get his body temperature down. Sometimes, I wonder how did this tiny human get so much strength to face all of it? His fever finally broke after 3 days.”

Sharing how she managed during the tough times and thanking people who helped her, Jankee further penned, Having to single handedly take care of Sufi 24/7 at the hospital felt exhausting. Little did I realise that a huge part of the fatigue & exhaustion was also because I was positive too. I will be forever grateful to my nanny who agreed to step in to the Covid ICU & take care of Sufi after the first two days as my body had almost given up.”

She also thanked the hospital and Sufi’s paediatrician.

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Urging people to be cautious, Jankee said, “Of what we have read, Omicron is supposedly milder on adults, but to all of you with babies please do not put your guard down. Not now. Our babies cannot wear masks or get vaccinated so we need to be all the more cautious as we are coming back home to them. The idea of sharing this fight has been to make sure I can extend this awareness, even if it’s to just 1 more parent.”

Sufi turned 11 months old on 3rd Jan. Jankee called her son a ‘superhero’ as she wrote, “Thank you my superhero for inspiring us by your resilience & that goofy smile which makes every storm seem so trivial in comparison.”

Shrenu Parikh, who worked with Nakuul Mehta in Ishbaaz, commented, “Omg! It is surprising indeed to see the resilience babies have, he’s your strength too… kudos to your nanny even families give up on such occasions. Hope you guys are better now.”

Kunal Jaisingh wrote, “Luv to the lil champ and to the parents of this champion.”

Check Jankee Parekh’s Instagram Post:

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