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Nivedita Basu Gets Candid About New Web Series Tandoor

Ace and most distinguished Indian Television producer Nivedita Basu gets candid about her new upcoming series Tandoor in a recent interview.

Renowned Indian TV producer Nivedita Basu is best known for her work for Balaji Telefilms where she worked on two most super successful shows like Kasautii Zindagii Kay and Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, post which she never looked back. During her recent interview, Nivedita Basu gets candid about new web series Tandoor.

Today, one of the most distinguished and well known names in the Indian Telly Industry, In her recent interview, TV producer Nivedita Basu gets candid about new web series Tandoor.

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Nivedita has made a name for herself with independent work too with her shows Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai and Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi.

Talking in details about her new upcoming web series, she says, “Tandoor was an extremely great experience and I would totally give the credit to Vibhu Agarwal from Ullu. He trusted me and pushed me to do it. This was not the show which we had decided on but I had heard about it and I wanted to do it. Soni was there at Ullu and Vibhu ji really supported me. The pandemic happened and we delayed it by 10 months but he stood by me and just because of his confidence, I was like I have to do it. I had not directed for a while. The last one I did was this film Tujhse Hi Raabta back in 2012-2013. I had not had a direction stunt for a while. Tandoor was like my dream. I really worked hard during the lockdown and worked on my skills and I am so happy it happened the way we wanted it to”.

When asked about her rapport and comfort level with Rashami, she said, “Rashami has been a friend for so many years. We have done stuff together but not acting or media. We have done stuff on the non-fiction side, events. We were flying in from Delhi 1-2 years back and we discussed that we should work on something together. And look at where it has landed us. I think she is a cult. She breathes something on social media and it becomes viral. I don’t know because of Bigg Boss or why. She is very professional when it comes to acting. All I had to do was brief her and she would deliver. People talk lowly about TV actors, that is something to reckon with. TV actors know their stuff and they know when to deliver and how because the training is hard and good. I am so proud that my upbringing is in TV and that so with Ekta”.

When asked about her experience of working with Tanuj Virwani, she told that it was a great one. Throwing more light on the same, she said, “Tanuj has been a revelation. I knew him 12-15 years back when he was much younger. I don’t know where he was headed but we had had a very cool conversation, little did we know that we will be working on something so serious. He is such a big success on Inside Edge and I actually watched him before casting him and I was like, ‘Wow! This guy does the chique stuff well.’ In tandoor, he had to do a totally different thing. He had to de-glamourise himself and the man surprised me. I think this guy knows where he is going. He has grown dynamically in all these years and he is only going to go higher and reach his peak soon. I am so happy that he was part of my tandoor. He and Rashami are a pair to be jealous of”.

Tandoor is being jointly produced by Chitra Vakil Sharma and Nivedita Basu which has Rashami Desai and Tanuj Virwani in leading roles.

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