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Nisha Rawal Case: TV Celebs Reveal Shocking Truths About Karan Mehra

Celebrities like Rohan K Verma and Munisha Khatwani have come out in support of Nisha Rawal who was allegedly beaten up by her husband Karan Mehra.

TV actor Nisha Rawal is getting support from her friends in the Television industry. Recently, Nisha talked to the media and revealed that her husband Karan Mehra assaulted her and is also having an extra marital affair. As she burst into tears, her close friends Rohit K Verma and Munisha Khatwani stood by her and revealed shocking details about the case.

Rohit K Verma, a fashion designer said that he knows Nisha for 25 years. He said, “I thought every couple has fights and indifferences. But Nisha has always been a good wife and a mother. I don’t want to give out many details as it might sabotage Nisha Rawal’s case but people will know the reality very soon. Having arguments is understandable but raising your hand is not! Nisha was not asking for a Bentley. She was just asking for a little alimony from her husband.”

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Another friend revealed that Nisha was looking for little jobs to become financially independent. He said, “She was looking for a job, even at Mc Donald’s or a sweeper job. Nisha told Karan that she would bear her own expenses but needed alimony for her child’s education. Nisha asked Karan only to pay for their child’s education and nothing else.”

Nisha then told that she was ready to pay for their child’s education till 12th standard and wanted Karan only to pay for higher studies twelve years later.

Nisha’a friend Munisha Khatwani said that she is aware of the problem between the couple since years. She told, “Nisha sold her jewellery for Karan Mehra as he was going through financial crunch.”

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