Nikhil Patel Issues Legal Warning To Dalljiet Kaur Over ‘Cheap’ Posts

Nikhil Patel has issued Dalljiet Kaur a legal notice following her recent Instagram posts accusing him of engaging in an extramarital affair.

Amid swirling divorce rumors, TV actor Dalljiet Kaur suggested in recent social media posts that her NRI husband Nikhil Patel may have been unfaithful. Speaking to ETimes, the Kenya-based businessman, who wed Dalljiet in Mumbai in March 2023, asserted that he will not endure any more harassment from her and has issued her a formal cease and desist notice in writing.

He further stated that his legal representatives would pursue ‘the most severe legal measures possible against Dalljiet should she persist in her unlawful behavior’. Nikhil Patel commented, “As a normal citizen of the world, it is very disturbing to see how the gaps in online protection laws, both in India and globally, can, and are, often exploited by those who choose to gain cheap media attention through careless actions that place innocent children and women at risk.”

He further added, “Sharing pictures and video footage without consent of those involved, particularly in the case of children, who are always a vulnerable group in society and who always require protection of the law, is illegal and negligent.”

He indirectly referenced their wedding video, which the actor recently posted on Instagram but promptly removed. Nikhil also mentioned that his representatives have contacted Dalljiet, urging her to retrieve her remaining belongings from his home in Kenya by June, or else they will be donated to a charity in the country. He emphasized that he is not obligated to store them for her and has repeatedly requested her to collect them.

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