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Nia’s Dig On Woke Celebs Teaching Proning On Twitter Is Savage

She is one of the hottest and most versatile Indian TV actresses on the tube right now who is known not only for her sartorial and bold fashion choices but also is loved by her fans and friends for the bold opinions on issues and people that she often keeps on sharing on social media and recently, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behena Hai (Star Plus, 2011 – 2013), Jamai 2.0 (Zee 5, 2021) and Naagin 4 (Colors TV, 2020) fame TV diva Nia’s dig on woke celebs teaching proning on twitter is savage.

Also one of the most social media users, Nia Sharma’s insta feed is really a visual treat for all her fans and followers as she keeps on posting cute pictures and videos of herself, with her friends, family and so on. Her fandom would be excited to know that their favorite TV star Nia’s dig on woke celebs teaching proning on twitter is savage.

Speaking of which often attacked by trolls for her pictures and opinions but her befitting answers sets them straight, Nia’s dig on woke celebs teaching proning on Twitter is savage.

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Nia taking to her official twitter handle dropped a tweet which clearly mentioned about how the woke celebs are now teaching proning technique on social media and also taking an indirect jibe and dig at all of them, she further went on to say that how they all have literally zero and zilch knowledge about it before the doctors went ahead and introduced it and finally spoke about how she wants them all to promote the doctors videos instead of their own in order to spread awareness.

She in her twitter tweet wrote, “To those ‘Woke celebs’ now teaching Proning technique on social media Kindly amplify the doctors’ videos if at all you want to spread awareness. You clearly didn’t know anything about it before doctors introduced it. ‘Google’ bhi hai hamare paas. #Proning”.

Source: Nia Sharma twitter. She taking sly digs at the celebrity woke culture slammed them for not promoting doctors and teaching netizens about proning.

Fans loving her spontaneous and savage way of Nia’s reaction to the ‘woke celebs’ behaviour and in replies, one fan wrote, “Thanks for amplifying this statement mam Especially at a time when everyone is trying to get a Medical degree without even going to college!”.

Source: Exam Warriors 2 twitter. He also applauded the star for voicing out her opinion on woke celebrity culture.

Whilst another one mentioned, “Superb i think your are the one who create awareness in social media for people. One of my favourite actress for #Jamai raja #jamai 2.0”.

Source: Akil Ahmed twitter. He agreed with Nia’s opinion and lauded the actress for same.

Earlier as well, hitting back at woke celebs who were seen sharing pictures and videos of themselves getting vaccinated, Nia had tweeted, “Every woke celebrity of this nation urging people to get vaccinated…Kindly mention the name of the centres that have it readily available at this moment so that people queuing up in thousands for days now don’t look stupid. P.S we need to get vaccinated”.

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