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Nia Says Rumored Bf Rrahul Sudhir Is Liar, He Lies All The Time

In a recently conducted interactive ask me anything live session on her official instagram account, responding to fan's question, Nia says rumored bf Rrahul Sudhir is liar, he lies all the time.

We all know that how the Jamai 2.0 (Zee 5, 2021) fame ace TV actress Nia Sharma is so protective and tight lipped on her personal life and is not at all open about it on social media so no one even really knows if she is in a relationship or not and amidst the dating rumors off late, in her recent interactive Ask me anything fans session, Nia says rumored bf Rrahul Sudhir is liar, he lies all the time.

In her interactive chat session with fans on instagram, when a fan asked her to mention a quality or something about her bf, on this Nia says rumored bf Rrahul Sudhir is liar, he lies all the time.

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There might be rumors of her dating her Twisted webseries fame dapper TV hunk star Rrahul Sudhir who is currently winning hearts of his fans and audiences as Vansh Raisinghania in Ishq Mein Marjawan 2: Naya Safar that is currently streaming digitally on Voot Select app from 15th March and amidst the buzzing hot stories related to her dating rumors with rumored boyfriend Rrahul, in her latest interactive fans live chat session on her instagram handle, Nia says rumored bf Rrahul Sudhir is liar, he lies all the time.

She responded to the fan saying, “He lies all the time saying I look so pretty to avoid arguments” with a laughing emoticon which is making us all mull deeply and wonder that is she indirectly hinting towards her relationship with Rrahul Sudhir.

Also in one of her earlier interview with renowned RJ Siddharth Kannan, speaking in depth on the kind of relationship she wants in her life, Nia said, “I have seen lovey-dovey couples breaking up after being so out there in the media and social media. Having said that, I wouldn’t want to demean the couples who share such pictures. It’s just that I do not prefer the same, and my man also doesn’t like that. Personally, I don’t want to make my relationship a ‘media relationship’. I have not been fortunate enough on having relationships that last long”.

Nia also opened up on the fact that how she doesn’t want to put anything out there before being extremely sure and clear about it. She first wants to see actually about how the relationship turns out and then will probably announce it officially on social media.

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