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Netizens Trolled Karanvir Bohra After His Fee Waiver Tweet

Karanvir Bohra known for his roles in Qubool Hai (Zee Tv 2012) and Saubhagyawati Bhava (Life Ok 2011), got trolled by netizens on Twitter for his fee waiver tweet.

Actors are always mired into a sea of never ending controversies where even if they might be posting something which sounds logical in their head on social media especially twitter and instagram if it is unfair and wrong then the fans and Netizens don’t waste much time and start trolling the actor for his tweet and mock him which gets their hashtags on trending on Twitter and Instagram the entire day and this incident recently happened with a renowned Indian TV actor where he just posted on his tweet about getting a fee exemption for 4 Kgs extra luggage to spice jet which in his sense felt right but then later, he faced the consequences and ire since Netizens trolled Karanvir Bohra after his fee waiver tweet.

Nowadays social media is becoming a very tricky space where one wrong tweet or caption can get TV and film actors in a whole lot of trouble where they get bashed and mocked by their fans on all social media platforms left, right and center. This is real and happened very recently when this ace actor felt the rage and mockery for the Netizens trolled Karanvir Bohra after his fee waiver tweet.

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Actually off late and very recently Karanvir Bohra went for a baby moon cum workation with wife Teejay Sidhu since they are expecting another baby and both the parents to be are very over joyed and blessed with this news. They went for their baby moon cum workation in Dehradun and shared cute pictures of themselves to keep their fans and friends entertained.

While coming back to town, their luggage weighed 4 Kgs extra then the required and prescribed baggage limit and the spice jet officials charged him for the same which didn’t settle down well with the actor following which he tweeted to spice jet on twitter about disappointing service and also slammed them for charging him for extra 4 kg luggage and this tweet of his set the Twitter on fire where he literally started getting trolled and mocked by Netizens who said that rules are rules no one is special which got his name dragged into limelight but for all the wrong reasons and not right ones.

It happened when KVB on his Twitter handle mentioned that the airline representative has charged them for mere extra 4kgs luggage. But what transpired next in this series left everyone dazed with shock.

KVB took to his twitter handle and wrote, “Very disappointed with @flyspicejet airline #dehradun … For a mere 4kg excess on 2 bags your exec Deepak couldn’t give a customer a waiver on the Bags, the point is not about the money. This is just poor customer service”.

However the airlines very quickly responded to his query for the same where tweet read, “Hi Mr.Bohra, we truly understand your concern. However, in case of excess baggage, charges shall be levied as per the policy which is applicable for all our customers. Rest assured, your feedback has been noted”.

Source: Karanvir Bohra Twitter. he is seen asking for fee waiver on his extra luggage from spice jet.

Here are some of the netizens who trolled KVB after his tweet –

Source: Metesh Gupta Twitter. He has trolled the actor for his tweet saying rules are rules.
Source: Maryam Azimi Twitter. She has also trolled the actor by saying that in united they charge $100 for extra luggage.
Source: Payal Rohira Twitter. She has also mocked the actor saying rules are rules.
Source: Pradeep Sethi Twitter. He has also expressed his take for the actor’s tweet.

While Karanvir’s tweet and airline’s response to the same did attract a lot of netizen’s attention, trolling the actor for his unfair tweet a user penned, “Well there should be no exceptions..we all wish to get some waiver..but rules are rules…and it should be for all @KVBohra @flyspicejet if they have to be considerate it should be for everyone..”, while another one told, “Try flying with United they charge you $100 for every extra pound if you go over the set baggage limit.” A user also expressed his displeasure with the actor for asking waiver on his excess luggage at the airport.

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