Boycott Anupamaa Trend! Netizens Accuse Rupali Ganguly-Gaurav Khanna Of Insulting Hinduism

Netizens have taken a stand on Twitter, saying that the Anupamaa show should be banned for insulting Hinduism.

Star Plus’ sitcom Anupamaa has always managed to grab attention with unexpected twists and turns in its storyline. The never-ending drama between the Shahs and Kapadias. On the current track, we see that Anupama and Anuj have separated. She has thought that from now on she will only think of giving time to herself, however, when the Shah family is in her life, it is impossible. We see that Vanraj wants to bring Anu back into his life and the Shah family, and for this, he can do anything. However, now the track is on a different track, and netizens have taken a stand on Twitter that the show should be banned for insulting Hinduism. Scroll down to know what’s going on!

In the current episode, because of family pressure, despite getting married to each other, Anuj and Anupama are doing rituals with their exes. This scene made everyone’s eyes wide with rage as it disrespected Hindu culture and the holy bond of marriage. Netizens are taking to their Twitter handles and loudly demanding that the show be banned, and this is the first time that there has been a request to close the show.

Taking to their Twitter handles onev netizen wrote, “Full Support to this Trend BOYCOTT ANUPAMAA, tamasha banake rakha diyqa hai Hindu vidhi vadan ka. Bollywood gandagi yaha bhi aa gayi hai.”

The secong user wrote, “Ye kya h bhai dimag ghum gya kon married h kon ex bn chuka h kon dekhta h yaar ye sab.”

The third user wrote, “I an neither a MAAN fan or RG or GK fan. I am also for BOYCOTT ANUPAMAA for the way the women characters in the serial including anupamaa is treated, written is disgusting. May b u all r RG blind bakths & not understanding that the trend is against DKP & the worst writing.”

One more user wrote, “#RajanShahi, 3yrs of ur show, 1.5 yrs of me watching it. Give me 1 Female of ur show wid a +ve Growth Curve. Script mei Aurat ki Udaan k Bare mei Bhasan bahut diye gye par dikha kuch nhi. Aaj k har dukh dard peeda k jimmedaar wahi SH hi hai. BOYCOTT ANUPAMAA.”

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