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Neha Kakkar’s Ex-Boyfriend Himansh Kohli Makes A Big REVELATION About Their Breakup

Amidst of Neha Kakkar’s marriage rumors with Aditya Narayan, her ex-boyfriend Himansh Kohli has spilled the beans on their breakup. Read below.

Actor Himansh Kohli and singer Neha Kakkar were amongst the adorable B-Town couples. They both never missed a chance of showering each other with love but their ugly parting left everyone heartbroken. Neha Kakkar even sang ‘Channa Mereyaa’ on the sets of Indian Idol and surely seemed very disappointed after the breakup.

Neha’s ex-boyfriend Himansh Kohli has finally spilled the beans on their breakup. The actor said that he was her decision to break up. He further added that just because he didn’t put up any not-so-cryptic post on his social media or cried on television everyone thought that he is the one at fault.

In a recent interview, Himansh said that his breakup with Neha was not an ugly break up from his side but when the speculations began everything became ugly. He also added that it was the worst phase of his life. The actor seemed relieved that finally now everything has calmed down but there was a time when the entire world was cursing him on social media platforms.

Himansh quoted, Nobody wanted to know the real story and I was made out to be the villain. It was very upsetting because I wasn’t saying anything and people were drawing their own conclusions based on what she was putting out. She cried on TV shows and everyone believed that I was to blame. I wanted to cry, too, but then we tend to put up a brave front.”

On several occasions, Himansh confessed that he almost responded to Neha’s social media posts with his own but then realized that he didn’t want to bad-mouth a girl he once loved so dearly.

He also added that he felt bad of people accusing him of using Neha’s fame. He said, I just couldn’t understand that. Four films of mine had released before I met her and I was making money. In fact, while the two of us were together, I didn’t do much work because I would travel with her for her shows so that we could spend time together.

He further added that he tried to keep in contact with her post the break-up but she didn’t try to reciprocate the same. As of now, Himansh is happy with his life and has not kept any contacts with Neha.

Recently, Neha Kakkar became the talk of the town owing to her marriage rumors with Indian Idol host Aditya Narayan. The marriage rumor turned out to be a TRP gimmick but both Neha and Aditya faced a lot of backlash for the same. Aditya’s father Udit Narayan dismissed the gossip by saying that he hasn’t been informed by Aditya about his wedding plans. Later Aditya too reacted on the news by saying that it went far off the hand. Neha Kakkar hasn’t really spoken much of it.

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