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Munisha Khatwani: Social Media Has Become This Double Edged Sword

Well renowned and ace actress / tarot card reader / astrologer Munisha Khatwani in her latest interview says that social media has become this double edged sword.

In a recent interview, ace and well renowned actress / tarot card reader / astrologer Munisha Khatwani says social media has become this double edged sword.

Speaking more in details about social media and the dangerous number game, Munisha Khatwani says social media has become this double edged sword.

Speaking about this in her recent tete a tete chat interview, Munisha Khatwani says social media has become this double edged sword.

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Unlike what many might think, actor-tarot reader-astrologer Munisha Khatwani feels there are many actors who are using their social media correctly. The fact that they are influencing people positively, making them happy and guiding them well is making a lot of difference and explaining this point, she says, “What some of these actors are doing is exactly what is expected out of social influencers. But there are many people who are misusing social media because they feel that they can do or say anything they want to. I am not in favour of that but I also feel that you really can’t control much of what people do with their personal account, so it is up to the viewers to use his or her discretion and decide what they want to take in or reject”.

Khatwani shares that it goes without saying that people follow actors and try emulating everything the stars do in their lives. The reason why the celebrities have a huge responsibility in the way they deal with social media and sharing her take on it, she said, “There’s a lot of fakes on social media but I think you have to learn to ignore them because just like most of the world there is good and bad everywhere. And social media is a part of this world. I am a person who believes in authenticity, and the way things are a lot of this world is very fake so you have to learn to go with the flow”.

It seems the number of followers has become an obsession with actors whether they accept or not given the competitive scenario and Khatwani does not deny that and elucidating on it, Munisha stated, “You are judged by the number of followers you have. And to stay in the race many have been buying fake followers along with buying likes and views. I think the most authentic is when you have organic followers as that means these people admire your genuinely and won’t leave you for anything. So I have almost reached 300K. Mine has been build up over a period of time. It did not happen overnight. Also these fake followers won’t be active on your page, it’s just a number that shows up on your profile”.

The fact that the world of social media is getting fake every day is what worries her and shedding light on same she said, “Social Media has become this double-edged sword. Tum karoge to bhi pachtaoge, nahi karoge to bhi pachtaoge. If you are on social media and you want to be active on it then people will judge you and even if you are not active on it people will still judge you.  So it’s better to use it the way it helps you. I use it mostly for my work and when I think it is going to benefit me. It’s a great way to stay connected to the people, so I’ve always used it positively”.

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