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Mumbai Police Shares Panchayat Meme & Fans Are Loving It

After netizens, Mumbai Police shares a meme from the Amazon series Panchayat asks to avoid a triple ride.

Panchayat 2: Amazon Prime series Panchayat 2 is breaking records and many fans have called it the KGF of OTT. Reacting to the series, the audience took over the internet and filled the social media with memes from the series. Now Mumbai police also took over their social media and posted a Panchayat meme.

Recently, Mumbai Traffic Police shared a meme on its Twitter handle using Panchayat season 2 dialogue asking people to avoid riding triple seat. In its post, the Mumbai Police shared the reaction of a ‘Responsible Citizen’ when their friends ask them to go for a ride triple seat and quoted the dialogue, “Ye sab mein comfortable nahi hun mai.”

As soon as this was posted on Mumbai Police’s social media handle, people began dropping quirky comments.

While on the social media handles, some of the most viral dialogues from the web series have created much buzz, check out the viral memes:

‘Panchayat’ season 2 is now streaming on Amazon Prime. After the first successful season, the series was ready to bring its second season on May 20 on Amazon Prime, but we witnessed an early release. This season features Jitendra Kumar in the character of Abhishek Tripathi.

The first season of Panchayat featured Abhishek Tripathi played by Jitendra Kumar, who reluctantly moves to Phulera village as the secretary to the local Pradhan Manju Devi played by Neena Gupta, trying to fall in love with the place by taking a top-angle view of it from a water tank, against the setting sun. Just when he thinks there is nothing spectacular about it, he meets Pradhan’s young daughter Rinky, sipping tea from a flask as she admires the view. The second season opens with Tripathi following suit.

While now according to the rumors the series is now expecting a third season after 2 major successful seasons. The fundamental plot of Panchayat Season 3 is believed to be the love factor between Abhishek and Rinki. Abhishek’s transfer from Phulera village is also expected in the next episodes after MLA (Vidhayak) believes Abhishek’s plan prevented his troop from entering the village. 

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